Deciding to go on a road trip with your friends is something that can result in incredibly memorable experiences, as well as a new form of spending time with the people that you love that you can revisit and expand upon again in the future. However, as with any holiday, assuming that there won’t be any downtime at all during this adventure might come back to bite you, and adequately preparing might help you to keep these inevitable lulls as fun as possible.

Many of these troughs, as you might expect on a trip that primarily takes place on the road, are going to take place while someone is driving, so you need to get creative to include everyone.

20 Questions

The classic driving game – and one that can get conversation stimulated around the game itself by drawing attention to different people that you know, people of fame, and fictional characters to discuss a much wider array of topics than you otherwise would. One person thinks of a name, and the other passengers (or driver) have 20 yes/no questions (including guesses) to figure out who it is. Setting some ground rules, to begin with, can prevent people from becoming frustrated at answers that seem somehow unfair – establishing that objects are or aren’t allowed, for example. 

Mobile Games

Downtime doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though, and when you’re spending so much time with people – even people that you love – it can be nice to have your own quiet time and simply not talk for a while. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get bored, and so as long as you’re not driving and as long as you’re not prone to travel sickness, playing mobile games through the app store, or real money casinos online could help to pass the time nicely.

Eye Spy

Another classic, though one that’s much more ambient and straight forward than a lot of other games. There isn’t a whole lot of thought behind this one, you see it, give the first letter, they guess until they get it, and the winning guess goes in the next round. It’s a good way to pass the time, but on the road, which is one of the only times that you might find this game worth playing, is a difficult environment due to the constantly shifting scenery and the risk that your answer will vanish behind you. 

Sporcle Quizzes

The incredible array of quizzes that can be found through Sporcle has generated a significant amount of interest through streaming platforms like Twitch, and you might find that they are a perfect fit here too. Ensuring that the one reading and writing the answers on their phone doesn’t get travel sick is paramount here too, but that notwithstanding, picking a topic that everyone in the car is decently knowledgeable of (or a more general one to compensate for that) and then having people guess answers in a limited time frame, can be a great way to get everyone involved.