Today everyone (business persons) wants to buy himself or herself a dedicated server. Because dedicated servers give extreme performance in comparison to other type of servers. They handle the work load well and give you the best experience of owning a server.

The other main factor is money. Almost nobody wants to overspend on almost anything. And the same goes for buying a dedicated server of your own as well. Now a days people tend to realize the benefits of owning a dedicated server. And after they get impressed from dedicated server, they want it.

So, when people go out in the market to buy themselves their own dedicated server, they get shocked. Most of the people cannot buy a dedicated server because of their insane high prices.

Now a day especially in the Covid Pandemic time when the world’s supply chains are at the brink of snapping, the prices of PC parts have sky rocketed. And building yourself a new dedicated server is almost out of option. The prices are that much high that they have almost doubled or tripled. So the best option right now is to take a dedicated server on lease.

Leasing or renting a dedicated server will end up significantly much less costly to your then buying one. Some of the best tips to help you get the best server in the least amount of money possible are as follow-

Buy Old Generation

If you talk to the market experts they will tell you that buying old parts in this time of inflation might be the best thing to do as you will end up saving a lot of your money. As new technology comes in the market the old tech becomes obsolete and its price drops down drastically.

No one tend to buy the old tech because its is now outdated and people think that its not worth it. People generally want to spend their money in the newest thing in the market so that they have the assurance of future proofing.

Future proofing helps you to keep you up to date more years into the future.  But the fact that they tend to forget is that they can still buy some not of the 2nd hand parts or the parts which not that old tech and be future proof as well.

Don’t buy from most famous companies

A lot of people will tell you that if you are trying to save money you should probably not buy products from very famous companies. This is generally true due to the fact that these famous companies generally charge more than some non-famous companies for the same amount of product or service.

These large organizations product come with a goodwill surcharge. This type of premium is not good if you do not to spend more. If you want to save some of your money then you should generally not go with such famous companies.

Buy what you need not what you want

This is a very old saying by our ancestors that only purchase what you need and don’t buy what you want. Even Mahatma Gandhi said that there is plenty for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed. This tells us that we should allocate our funds in what we want the most and not spend them unnecessarily and waste them.

Don’t buy unnecessary add-ons

A lot of the times when you are out in the market buying yourself a new dedicated server, you will generally be bundled with unnecessary add-ons, some of which you even don’t need. You should only pay for what you need. This way you will end up paying less for your needs.

Buy Unmanaged server                                       

While buying dedicated servers a lot of people go to the managed server options and managing a server is not a very difficult or tedious task to do. So to save yourself a few bucks you can manage your server own your own. And in case you don’t know how to manage your own dedicated server you can learn to manage your server own your own. It is an easy task to do with some time at your disposal.

Try various options

The most important and the last tip for you is that you should deal hunt as much as you can as it has proved to be the best thing you can possibly do to save a lot of money while buying yourself not dedicated servers but everything (almost).


As a conclusion we can definitely say that getting your hands on a cheap dedicated server might be a bit tough but not impossible.

All you need is to keep patience and keep your mind open to grab a deal as soon as it’s out. Constantly keep checking for new adding servers in the sellers list. And buying a old gen server is not a bad option until it can easily do your work without any sort of hindrance.

Buying your server from the most famous companies in the market will end up costing you a bit more. These companies’ products come with a price premium which you should definitely avoid if you want to buy a cheap dedicated server. The next thing comes is necessity.

You should always look for the specs in the server that are enough for your working not anything over powered. But having a buffer of a bit extra power of around 10 % is very useful when you decide to buy a dedicated server. You should avoid managed servers as a managed server costs you for all the managing tasks.

Do all the managing yourself and you should definitely be able to save yourself some bucks.

You constantly need to try out different options available in the market so that you exactly know the situation of the whole market and whenever a good deal comes out you will be able to spot that instantly. This can prove to be very crucial to people on a very strict budget.