As the sun starts to dip lower in the sky, you may start to feel anxious about getting your children ready to go back to school. Making this transition with a child who has ADHD is often even more challenging. There are a few key ways you can navigate this stressful time so that you and your child can settle into a healthy routine. Choosing a safe over-the-counter medication such as Brillia ADHD can help your child focus and succeed at school. Here are even more practical tips for families with ADHD that you can use during the transition from summer to fall.

Transitioning to School Routine

Child health experts agree that one of the best ways you can support your kids as they prepare to go back to school is by transitioning to their school routine at least two weeks before school starts. If you can, you should get back into your routines even earlier. Routines are extremely important for your child with ADHD. Not only do routines set up realistic expectations, but they also help children develop life skills and a sense of responsibility.

If your child stays up later in the summer, it’s important to return to their school-time sleep schedule two to four weeks before they have to get up for school. This will ensure that your child gets enough sleep, which is crucial for being able to engage with teachers and schoolwork.

Reinforce Positive Behavior

Transitions are difficult for everyone, which is why your child will feel better about going back to school if you reinforce their positive behaviors. This isn’t always easy, especially if you have to remind your child multiple times to listen and follow instructions. When you focus on long-term success, it can help you navigate your own frustrations so that you allow yourself to see what your child is doing right. 

If you and your child are struggling to get through the day, look into the benefits of the best over the counter meds for ADHD child. Along with building a routine and focusing on the positive, OTC medication can have an impact.

Get the Bedroom Organized

As you get closer to the first day of school in the fall, spend some time with your child to get their bedroom organized. Children with ADHD often find it challenging to tackle large or multi-step tasks such as organizing toys, clothes, books, and more. However, if your child starts the year with a clean and organized bedroom, you will see a big difference in their motivation to do their homework.

You may even want to let your child pick out new bins and totes or decorate existing ones with fun stickers and bright colors. Turning the process into a fun and creative activity is a great way to get your child invested in keeping their room clean and free of clutter.

Because you want the best for your child with ADHD, you will feel better when you have all the knowledge and skills you need to make the transition back to school totally painless. If you’re looking for more support, explore the benefits of ADHD medication today.