Have you been in a car accident recently? If so, then you might feel confused about what happened to you and your vehicle.

You see, car accidents can vary based on factors such as the speed at which the vehicles were traveling. It can also be the different weather conditions and the time of day. In the same vein, the severity of car accidents also varies.

For example, some types of car accidents may not result in injuries, while others might result in severe damages. To help you better understand what to expect if you’re ever involved in a car accident, we’ve created this useful guide. Keep reading to learn more!

Rear-End Collisions

It occurs when one vehicle crashes into the back of the car in front of it. Many times, these collisions occur because the rear car is traveling too closely behind the front car. That results in the driver being unable to stop in time.

Other causes can be traffic jams, brake failure, and distracted or aggressive driving. Although it may not always result in significant damage, more serious injuries can occur due to the force of impact. It can have a lasting effect on its victims, causing not only physical harm but also financial damage due to medical expenses or ongoing therapy.

Frontal Accidents

This involves the front of one or more vehicles colliding with another object or vehicle while headed in the same direction. They are the most common type of car accident causes and the most deadly. They occur most commonly due to distracted driving, speeding, following too closely, and impairment due to drugs or alcohol.

The impact can be severe, damaging the car’s front end, decreasing the likelihood of survival, and often resulting in serious injury or death. Vehicle safety features such as airbags and pre-collision warnings can help minimize injuries from a frontal crash by protecting the driver from the frontal impact.

Side Impact Crashes

This occurs at intersections when a vehicle is struck at a 90-degree angle. This type of collision is also known as a T-bone or broadside collision. When a car is hit from the side, it transfers the force of the impact to the vehicle’s occupant.

It can result in serious injury or death. It can cause devastating head and chest injuries due to the inability of the car’s doors and pillars to provide any protection from the powerful impact. Because cars don’t typically have side airbags, the car’s frame and engine compartment provide the occupants with limited protection in this kind of crash.

Drivers should stay alert when approaching intersections and be prepared to brake or swerve in the event of an accident.

Multi-Car Pile-Ups

One vehicle will cause a pileup in a chain reaction because a car loses control while traveling at high speeds. It can involve anywhere from two to over a hundred cars, and the traffic disruption caused by them can last for hours.

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The Danger of Different Types of Car Accidents

There are multiple types of car accidents, all of which can lead to serious injury or death. It is important to take the necessary precautions to avoid it. Wearing a seatbelt, driving sober, and avoiding distractions can help you stay safe on the roads.

Driving safely not only keeps you safe but others too.

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