Did you know that a sheep, a duck, and a rooster were the first hot air balloon passengers back in 1793?

Hot air balloon travel has come a long way since then! Riding hot air balloons is one of the most exhilarating and calming ways to see the earth below you. 

Are you planning a hot air balloon ride? Here are some hot air balloon tips you should know before you fly. 

1. Be Flexible With Your Flight Day

When planning your hot air balloon trip, you need to have some flexibility. Your ride depends entirely on the weather, so even if you have your trip scheduled, you may not be able to fly that day.

The weather for balloon rides is very specific, and you need the wind to be stable. If you’re on vacation, you want to book the flight at the beginning of your trip, so if it’s canceled, you will have other opportunities to fly. 

You want to ride on a clear day, so you get the best views from the sky! Be patient when waiting for your flight day to get scheduled. 

2. Don’t Bring Much With You

Packing for balloon rides should be minimal. You don’t need a lot with you, and large bags won’t fit in the basket with you. Bring only what you need: some water, a camera, a jacket, and some sunglasses. 

Sunglasses are essential, as it can get bright when you’re up in the sky! 

3. Wear Layers

It can get cold when you’re up in the sky, and you’re fully exposed to the elements during your flight! You do get some extra warmth from the burner, though!

Wear warm layers, which are easy to remove if you get too hot. A hat is also an excellent option to keep your body heat. 

You should also wear closed-in shoes, as you want to climb in and out of the hot air balloon basket with ease. High heels or sandals are not great options. 

4. Hot Air Balloon Safety

It’s incredibly safe to fly in a hot air balloon. When you fly with reputable companies such as Aerogelic Ballooning, your safety is their priority.

Your pilot will receive detailed weather briefings before the flight to ensure conditions are optimal and they understand the wind.

All the safety precautions taken by your hot balloon operating company make flying in a hot air balloon one of the safest forms of aviation. 

5. There Are No Breaks in the Sky

Remember that once you’re up in the sky, there will be no bathroom stops or opportunities to sit down! 

Make sure you go to the bathroom before your flight and are comfortable standing up for your flight duration. 

Use Our Hot Air Balloon Tips to Prepare For Your Flight

Now you know what to expect from your hot air balloon flight, it’s time to book the trip of a lifetime. 

Keep these hot air balloon tips in mind when planning your adventure! 

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