Cockroaches are the poster child of pests, and it’s easy to think you see one every time something with long legs scuttles by. There are three thousand species of cockroaches, and they’ve spread far and wide.

In reality, it’s bug species that look like cockroaches that curb-stomp through North America today. Here are some types of bugs that look like cockroaches that you need to watch out for.

Types of Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

There are several types of bugs that look like cockroaches. Here are five of them:

1. Water Bugs

Water bugs are often mistaken for cockroaches because they have a similar appearance. However, water bugs are aquatic insects that live in bodies of water such as ponds and streams. They are often mistaken for cockroaches due to their similar appearance.

2. Oriental Beetle

The oriental beetle is a type of scarab beetle that is commonly mistaken for a cockroach. It has a similar shape and size, but it is not a pest and does not infest homes.

3. House Beetle

Some of the common bugs are house beetles. The powderpost beetle is a type of wood-boring beetle that attacks hardwoods such as oak, hickory, and ash. They are small and can be found in wood products such as furniture, flooring, and decorative items.

They can cause structural damage to buildings if left untreated.

4. June Bugs

June bugs are a type of scarab beetle that are typically active in the summer months. They are known for their loud buzzing sound and are often attracted to lights at night.

5. Wood Roach

The wood roach, also known as the Pennsylvania wood roach, is a common insect that can be found in wooded areas. It looks similar to a cockroach, but it is not a pest and does not infest homes.

Signs of Cockroaches in the Home

Cockroaches can be difficult to spot, especially during the daytime, when they tend to hide in cracks and crevices. However, there are several signs to watch for:


Cockroach droppings are small, black, or brown specks that resemble coffee grounds or pepper. You may find them in areas where cockroaches are likely to hide, such as under sinks, in cabinets, and around appliances.

Egg Casings and Skin Shedding

Cockroaches lay egg casings, which can be hidden. As cockroaches grow, they shed their skin, leaving behind small, brownish shells.

Damage to Food Packaging

Cockroaches will often chew through paper, cardboard, and plastic packaging to get to food.

Seeing Cockroaches

If you see live cockroaches scurrying around your home during the daytime, it’s a sign that you may have an infestation.

Take action immediately if you suspect a pest infestation, as they can quickly multiply. A professional exterminator can help you eliminate cockroaches and prevent them from returning. Or you can visit for an effective DIY pest control solution.

Observe and Act

There are types of bugs that look like cockroaches that come in different shapes and sizes. These bugs can be pests, beneficial insects, or nuisances that we should identify and take action to prevent. However, if you suspect cockroaches in your home, call a professional exterminator immediately.

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