It’s a sad truth that every single day crimes like theft and vandalism take place, and more often than not the victims are business. Because of this targeting by criminal elements, businesses are increasingly attempting to shore up their defences with new technological crime deterrents that can lessen the risk of harm to their grounds, employees, and customers.

One of the best ways to ensure your security is to install business CCTV security systems, video surveillance that keeps a watchful eye on everything that takes place within your business and its vicinity. There are now more than 25 million commercial security cameras installed around the world which are actively deterring criminals before they even attempt their crimes, and catching the ones who are foolish enough to attempt them in the act while the camera records their every move!

Installing security cameras is the top choice for preventing crimes from taking place, their protection can save you time and money as well as bolster the security of your business assets and employees. The following are some of the vital reasons why security cameras are being installed by millions of businesses:

  • Crime Deterrent – Theft, break-ins, shoplifting, vandalism, and trespassing are easy to do when no one is looking, but when the crooks see they are on camera they tend to give up and walk away to find easier prey. The average small business lacking in a sufficient security system is in danger of losing more than $50,000 a year due to criminal activity targeting them. Criminals look for easy marks, showing them your cameras is the best way to keep them away!
  • Reduce Liability – Businesses always have a chance of being the site of crimes, not always just theft or vandalism, but also irate customers assaulting each other, or your employees! If a violent incident like that were to happen on your business’s grounds, your video surveillance will be the source of indisputable evidence as to what took place that you can show to law enforcement authorities, demonstrating that you face no liability for the occurrence.
  • Ensure Customer Safety – If your business hosts customers, clients, and guests, their safety is your responsibility from the moment they set foot on your grounds until they exit. If you are lacking in a proper security system, visitors may be at risk and feel unsafe because you are not providing a means to deter criminal activity. People have come to expect to see CCTV security cameras while they are shopping, and are very likely to notice a lack of them, which might make them feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. The easy solution to this problem is to install security cameras inside your building as well as outside. Customers who feel safe and know they are protected will be certain to return to shop again!

The Australian Government’s Business webpage provides information on privacy legislation and surveillance regulation if you are planning to install video surveillance in your business, so be sure to check with them. We hope this article has demonstrated the high level of safety and peace of mind that a CCTV security system can bring to your business!