The Tec-9 has remained a popular pistol of choice for the Terrorist side in CS:GO and has proven to be a viable alternative to the Desert Eagle. Not only is it cheaper, but it also has a faster rate of fire and decent damage output, making it a reliable firearm in the game.

Tec-9 Mil-Spec Isaac: Worth Every Penny

The Tec-9 Isaac skin was added to CS:GO in 2014 with The Hunt Begins update and was a part of the Huntsman Collection. The skin was designed by Coridium and takes inspiration from the “Asiimov” series of skins. Players can obtain this skin through the Huntsman Weapon Case.

Tec-9 | Isaac boasts a modern design with a black base covered with red stripes, giving it a cryptic look. The colors on this skin are not affected by the pattern index which ensures that every drop will have the exact same design as any other variant out there. The weapon also comes with StatTrak™ variants to track your kills.

The skin has a rarity of Mil-Spec and is relatively common with a high drop rate of approximately 79.92%. It is a skin owned by many players in the game and its popularity can be made evident by its high rating on trading sites and presence in the community markets.

Isaac is a relatively affordable skin which further adds to its popularity. The price of the skin can range from anywhere between $0.80 and $20.00. The skin is worth every penny and is an exceptional option for those who want an awesome decal for their pistol without having to break the bank.

Tec-9 | Isaac Float Values and Skin Conditions

The Float Values for this skin range from 0.00 to 1.00, which means that it has a version in all variants.

Tec-9 | Isaac (Factory New)

The Factory New variant is as fresh as it can get with no scratches or damage to the body.

Tec-9 | Isaac (Minimal Wear)

The Minimal Wear variant of the skin starts showing a slight loss of color from the edges of the weapon.

Tec-9 | Isaac (Field-Tested)

The Field-Tested variant starts showing some scratches on the grip and the muzzle with increased loss of color around the edges.

Tec-9 | Isaac (Well-Worn)

The Well-Worn variant shows greater wear around the magazine, muzzle, and grip with color loss that is more prominent than the Field-Tested variant.

Tec-9 | Isaac (Battle-Scarred)

The Battle-Scarred version is where multiple scratches with heavy wear can be seen around the weapon. Almost 50% of the color is lost as the Float Value reaches close to 1.00.

Places Where You Can Buy Tec-9 | Isaac

The best offers for Tec-9 can be found at third-party trading sites, followed by direct trading between other players. The Steam Community Market is a highly trusted source where you can buy this skin, but note that prices on Steam are usually the highest.