If you’re among the 97% of Americans with a mobile phone, there’s a good chance you’ll need to repair it at some point. Too many drops or unexpected malfunctions can leave you without reliable communication. Your best bet is to pursue phone repair right away.

But how do you choose the best mobile phone repair near me? Read on to find out!

Check the Reputation

As you search for a good mobile phone repair technician, start by evaluating the reputation and expertise of a given shop. Look at how many years the shop has been in business.

Try to find a shop that’s been around for several years or even beyond a decade. After all, 50% of small businesses fail after five years. A shop that’s been in business for five years can be an indication that the shop has the expertise to perform necessary repairs.

Ask what training and certificates the technicians hold. You may even want to ask for referrals from satisfied customers. And you always can ask the technicians to describe the repair process to ensure they know what they’re doing.

Know the Range of Repairs Offered

Choose a mobile phone repair service that offers the services you need. Usually, you’ll be able to find a list of services on the company’s website, but it’s wise to ask in person, too.

Common repairs include changing batteries, replacing cracked screens, and addressing water damage. Good mobile phone repair shops also should be able to fix damaged headphone jacks and broken power buttons. Make sure that your repair need is on their list!

It’s also wise to ask if the repair shop has replacement options available. With some phone problems, a repair might not be the solution. In those cases, it would be far more convenient to be able to select a replacement phone while you’re at the repair shop.

Get Cost Estimates

Before agreeing to a specific technician, know what your financial obligations will be. Especially for common repairs, like battery replacements or port problems, the technician should be able to give you an estimate.

Ask for detailed estimates that outline all of the costs included in the price. You’ll want to make sure that the estimate includes the price of the replacement part as well as labor and other fees.

This also is a good time to ask if the servicing technician uses original parts for repairs. You don’t want to give your business to a technician who recycles old parts or sources them from questionable places.

You may be able to use estimates to negotiate better prices. For instance, if you have a lower estimate from one servicer, another one may be willing to match the price. Or they could throw in an extra service, such as installing a replacement glass protector.

Ask About Warranties

If you bring in your phone for a specific repair, you don’t want to have to do so again. Once you’ve paid for a repair, the problem should not resurface. That’s why it’s critical to ask about warranties.

A reputable technician should stand by their work. In other words, they should provide a documented guarantee of the work for a certain period of time. This could be anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

For new batteries, you should have a warranty that would entitle you to a free replacement if the newly installed one doesn’t work. Be clear on warranties so you don’t end up paying for services or parts twice. Get your phone repaired here when you want a fair and reputable servicer!

Be Aware of the Repair Timeline

Before handing your phone to a technician, ask how long a repair will take. You don’t want to be surprised by learning that a simple repair will require you to leave your phone at the shop for several days. It’s fair to ask multiple shops how long a repair will take before going with one of them.

In addition, consider the location of the shop. If you’re aiming for convenience, choosing a place that requires you to drive across town or to a different town won’t help. And if your phone has ongoing issues, you’ll want a place that’s not hard to access.

Look at Online Reviews

Finally, take the time to do some research. The best mobile phone repair service will have sterling reviews online — and lots of them.

Yes, you can find reviews or testimonials on many phone repair shops’ websites. These reviews will skew toward the positive side since the shop is including them on their website, however. You may gain a more honest appraisal from consulting a search engine.

Type in the names of repair shops that you are considering in a search engine. You should see an assortment of starred reviews including comments. As you read them, look for common complaints or positive aspects of the service experience.

If you don’t see more than a few reviews, you may want to look elsewhere. Too few reviews can indicate that the business is not very established. And a few glowing reviews might be scripted endorsements from friends or family members.

Find the Best Mobile Phone Repair Near Me

When you search online for mobile phone repair near me, you want to choose the best service. Look online to find reviews and visit a repair shop’s website to learn more about their expertise. When you visit a prospective shop, ask about estimates, warranties, and timelines before making a final decision.

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