Due to the usually two-year duration of cellular data contracts, many consumers change their phones every two years. However, if one of your New Year’s objectives for 2023 is to take better care of the environment, one step you may do is to keep your cell phone until the end of its useful life. In 2015, researchers determined that the average smartphone lasted nearly five years (4.7 to be exact), but we all know that in fact, the battery degrades, the screen fractures, and the accessories vanish. Read on if you are committed to keeping your mobile operational for at least four years.

Tips on Preserving the Lifespan of Your Smartphone

Baby Your Cell Phone Battery

The issue of battery life is one of the challenges of keeping your phone alive for years (which, in terms of technology, is essentially an eternity!). All gadget batteries are manufactured with a finite number of charges (somewhere between 300 and 500). Therefore, if you continually recharge your battery to 100%, you may be drastically reducing its total lifespan. Even if you destroy your battery by mistake, you can always replace it yourself, or if that makes you uncomfortable, you may bring the phone to any expert smartphone services for expert servicing.

Maintain Cleanliness

As long as our phones include buttons and internal hardware, they are susceptible to clogging, given that they reside in our wallets and handbags – not to mention our hands. Use a microfiber cloth and cotton swabs to remove some of the accumulated dirt from the surface. A little amount of isopropyl alcohol may be used, if necessary, but be sure to keep it away from the ports that go to the inner workings. If you’re concerned about these components, you can visit one of the service provider stores near you where they can quickly inspect the interior of your phone and ensure that everything is clean and dry.

Treasure Your Display

The touchscreen is the most vulnerable component of any phone. While it is possible to repair shattered screens, many phone insurance providers just replace the entire phone, which negates the aim of keeping your phone alive in order to reduce e-waste. We recommend constantly protecting your phone on those occasions when it feels as slick as a bar of soap. We also advocate bringing a damaged screen to a reputable phone repair business as they may be able to replace just the screen instead of the entire device.

Consider the Accessories

Keeping track of your phone’s charging cables, headphones, and even its cover is a necessary component of maintaining its functionality. These components become more difficult to replace as a phone age. If you replace a lost charging cable for a three-year-old phone, there is a great possibility that you will have a difficult time looking for the same charging port since smartphones evolve every 3 years or so. Then it is time to retire a fully functional phone. However, a reputable phone repair shop has access to more hardware than even the internet, so if you need a new accessory, you may also contact your trusted phone repair shop to see what they can do.


In conclusion, extending the life of your phone to more than four years is neither easy nor difficult. Furthermore, who doesn’t enjoy a good challenge? Have you ever asked yourself how old is my phone? If yes and you want to know the age of your phone to check if it is still in its optimal condition, you can try and do your research ahead.