Apple’s ecosystem is a significant contributor to the ever-increasing demand for iPhones. As of February 2022, Apple was the market leader in the smartphones segment, in Canada, with about 57.27% market share. Samsung followed it with a mere 28.77%.

Vancouver is a trendy location in Canada, with many citizens boasting an iPhone. Despite their excellent engineering, the screens are delicate and could be damaged if not handled with care. These are the top reasons for cracked iPhone screens. You can be sure to find an iPhone screen repair Vancouver that can fix it for you.

Losing Your Grip on the Device

Dropping is the primary cause of screen damage in iPhones. When school shifted online, parents were forced to give their iPhones to children after the pandemic. The result is broken screens. That said, you too could lose your grip on the phone resulting in it falling and having cracks.

Pet Toy

Your pet could have mistaken your iPhone for a toy and tried to play fetch with it. Their teeth can be pretty sharp and can cause significant damage to the screen. Since the screen is the most sensitive part of the device, it can stop functioning. Even a screen guard cannot protect your phone from a pet’s bite.

High Temperatures

iPhones have a temperature range within which they can function. Beyond that, it will stop working, and any additional heat can cause severe damage to the screen. While Vancouver does not get too hot, other heat sources can cause damage even during the summer. For example, exposure to direct sunlight for long periods or placing it close to a heat source can harm its circuitry.

Flared Tempers

Children and adults both get flared tempers, and your iPhone can bear its brunt in the heat of the moment. Dropping it on any hard surface is a sure way to get a cracked screen. One of the most livable places globally, Vancouver has many repair service providers who can help you with the broken screen.

Fell Out of Your Pocket

Your jacket usually has loose pockets, and carrying your phone in it can be risky. Unintentional drops such as the phone falling out of your pocket can damage the screen.

Damaged While Taking Selfie

The selfie-craze has hit almost everyone, and selfie-sticks are a standard accessory among the iPhone users. If you are not careful in placing your device in the brackets of the selfie stick, you may drop it, which can cause broken screens.

Water Damage

Water is your enemy when it comes to iPhones. Letting your phone drop into a bath, sink, puddle, or toilet can cause perilous damage. While the latest models of iPhone offer some level of water resistance, they are not entirely waterproof, and even the slightest contact can cause tiny cracks to appear.

Your iPhone is your prized possession, and any damage can put your life on hold. Thankfully, you can find plenty of stores that provide iPhone screen repair in Vancouver. They will help fix the cracked screens and get you back to the more essential things in your life.