Cameras are an excellent piece of technology. Unlike any other equipment, they can capture time and memories forever. For a long time now, cameras have been a staple for any suitable occasion, and people use them to communicate their stories and vision through pictorial representation.

While you can choose from many professional cameras, people need only one. This is why simple point and shoot cameras are worth your money. Amongst these camera variants,35mm film cameras are arguably the most popular ones. You have to fill in the reel and click pictures. These devices need a reel that needs to be developed later on.

The old-school charm of it adds to the organic look and feel of the photo and makes it all the more appealing. If you are interested in purchasing a point and shoot camera, here are some benefits of buying it.

Simple to use

These cameras are simple to use. You only need to know some of the intricacies of photography to be able to use them. Unlike digital cameras, wherein you need knowledge of focus, lens, aperture, ISO, shutter speed, exposure, colour temperature, and other such things to capture the best photos, a point-and-shoot camera does the job quite well because it can easily capture your pictures without you having to intervene with the settings.


These cameras are pretty affordable, especially when compared with their professional counterparts. You can easily find one starting at AUD219. A DSLR would cost much more than this, and you would still be unable to capture the best photos since they are not as user-friendly.

Good Quality

When buying a point and shoot camera, you must not expect the best output, but the quality of such cameras will be good enough for the camera’s price.

The entire purpose of this camera is to capture moments with ease and without complications. The photos can be developed later on, and the quality will be adequate if you want to use the images for personal purposes.

Size of the camera

35mm film cameras with point and shoot capabilities are compact and portable. If you compare them with DSLR ones, you will notice the difference and feel how portable they are. Not only are these cameras light, but they are also compact, which makes them highly portable. So, whether you are going out for the day or touring worldwide, you will always have space in your bag to carry the camera.

Less gear required

When taking photos, your primary motive must be to take pictures and enjoy the moment rather than worry about the equipment and its maintenance. Unlike other cameras, where you need different lenses or other gear to get good photos, a point and shoot camera only needs reels.

These cameras are perfect for you if you plan to take portraits, travel, or indulge in street photography. So, if you want to take the best photographs with the most affordable devices, you must consider buying a point and shoot camera with a 35 mm lens because it is perfect for portraits and random photography.