Since instagram has been established, it has continuously updated new features and updates which has build more trust and interest on its audience. Talking about one of the recent updates, a new feature named “Vanish Mode” was added on instagram. Nowadays, people are very possessive about their privacy, and so they like apps which provides such features that makes your messages disappear, once they are read by the receiver. Though, most of the people are still not aware that this feature is also on instagram now, so in this article you will get to know about what is vanish mode on instagram and how to use it?

What is Vanish mode on Instagram?

This feature is for people having active chats with following up each other, who can send temporary messages, when you turn on the vanish mode. This is a great feature for those who don’t want their chats to reveal as the messages will get disappear once the receiver reads them. It is somehow similar to snapchat self erase messaging feature but not exactly. After facebook messenger, users found it very interesting and safe so, instagram added this feature into its platform too.


This feature makes you more spontaneous, and allows you to chat with your friends safely, without keeping it in the chats history. The vanish mode is basically an incognito mode for instagram DM which does’nt keep history or chat backups after the conversation is over. For all the people, mainly youngsters who are worried about their privacy and safety for not letting anyone to read your direct messages on instagram, then this feature is a great option for you.
Do IG gives notification to other person when you turn on vanish mode?
Until the person checks their inbox, he/she will not come to know that you turned on vanish mode on instagram. So, when the other person opens his/her chats with you, he/she will get notified that you turned on this mode as it will appear as a dark mode. Another sign, that shows that you have turned on the vanish mode, that except the unseen messages, all the seen ones will get disappear. It’s totally up to the person that he/she wants to enter the chat or not.

Do vanish mode deletes messages on both sides?

Yes, the moment a person enters into the chat and turned on this feature on instagram, then once you leave the chat after seeing the message and reopen it, all the messages will get disappear.
If you screenshot the chat in vanish mode, will the other person get notified?
The answer is yes! The other person will get notified when you take the screenshot of the chats, so avoid doing that as you will loose your face in front of them.
The Difference between IG Unsend Message and Vanish Mode
Unsend message, on instagram deletes a particular message on chats with a person or in a group, while the vanish mode gives you a facility to unsend a large number of messages. Interesting fact is that, even in the vanish mode turned on, you can unsend message whichever you like.

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The Difference between Snapchat’s self destructing messaging feature & IG Vanish Mode

There are lots of similarities between these two features but they are not exactly same. In snapchat, the messages will get disappears as soon as you have active chats and once you get out of the chats, they all will get disappears. However, if you don’t like this feature to work like this, then you can switch on instgram and try the Vanish Mode feature. For that, both of the persons have to turn and chat in vanish mode. Another difference is that, on IG you can end using this feature but on snapchat, there is no such kind of option. So, Instgram’s vanish mode feature is much more superior than snapchat’s as it allows you to turn it on or off according to your choice.

How to turn on Vanish Mode on IG?

If you want to try the vanish mode feature on instagram, then come let’s know how it works.
Note: This process is applicable only in Androids and Iphones, windows browsers will not support this feature.
Open your instagram id and go directly into your chats section. Find the person with whom you want to start chatting in vanish mode.
You have to start the conversation by sending a message. You have two ways to start like this:
Swipe up the screen, and it will change into a dark mode (vanish mode)
Go to the DM’s page, and click on the person’s name (not the image) where you will find that the “Vanish Mode”option is off, from there you can turn it on and start using this feature with that person.

How to turn off this feature ?

If you have started using this feature effortlessly but still

wondering how to turn it off, then the process is here:

Just go the direct messages with the person with whom you were talking in vanish mode.

1.Swap up the screen and it will turn into white display which is a normal DM.

2.Click on the name of the other user and you can see “Vanish Mode” option is on, from there you can turn it off.

Important notes to keep in mind before using this feature

  1. Once you start the IG Vanish Mode, then the other person will get notification that will look like a regular instagram text. The person just have to swipe up to enter into the chat in vanish mode.
  2. Under this mode, when you send a message and seen by the receiver and disappeared, it can’t be recovered again.
  3.  This option is not for audio files or video calls; this features works only for texts, images, memes, GIF’s or stickers shared in vanish mode.
  4. This mode works for only two people at a time. It does not work for groups chats.
  5. Just remember, that when you send a message, you cannot hide or make it disappear anymore, so you for that you must turn on your vanish mode before starting your conversation.
  6. If you are not able to see this feature on your mobile access, then check if you have the updated version of the app or not.