The content marketing industry was predicted to be worth over $410 billion by the end of 2021. Since that’s the case, following the most recent content marketing trends can make or break your brand.

So what are the trends you should focus on? What exactly is “killer content?”

Keep reading to learn more about content marketing trends that are taking over the marketing industry in 2022.

Focus on Video Marketing

With the emergence of TikTok a few years back and now Reels on Instagram, there is a large switch in the marketing industry to a focus on short form video marketing.

For TikTok and Instagram, you want to focus on making short videos anywhere from a few seconds to a couple minutes long.

However, on YouTube, longer videos are still trending, especially if you’re making killer content for them.

Define a Target Audience

While defining a target audience has always been crucial to performing well in the marketing industry, it’s even more important in 2022.

You want to attract an audience that is there for one specific reason. Are you funny? Are your videos and photos educational with the captions you choose to put?

Are you attracting mostly men or women? Older or younger?

All of these questions can help you define who you want your target audience to be.

Even if your overall niche is larger, like travel or beauty, you have to narrow it down further. Do you focus on beauty hacks or luxury beauty products? Are you a budget travel company or luxury?

The answers to these questions will help with your innovative marketing.

Use Different Types of Marketing

No marketing effort is the same. There are so many different types of marketing that you should be focused on in 2022.

Influencer Marketing

The first is influencer marketing. You should be utilizing other human beings in the creative space to optimize the reach of your brand.

Be sure to use influencers whose following base respects and trusts them!

Empathetic Marketing

Empathetic marketing is putting your target audience or customer base at the forefront of your marketing effort. You have to ask yourself what their pains or struggles are and how you can help.

Knowing your customer base helps with empathetic marketing and how to go about it.

Be Real

In 2022, being real is more important than looking good, having an aesthetically pleasing website design or TikTok or Instagram feed. Instead, being true to who you are or what your company stands for is key.

Your authentic voice should be the reason you have a customer base or a larger following. One of the most important digital marketing trends in 2022 will be staying consistent with who you and your brand are.

Use These Content Marketing Trends in 2022

Every year, there is a change in content marketing trends. Staying up with them is crucial to the success of your brand. And, of course, making killer content is important, too!

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