Are you out of ideas for how to improve your video marketing and looking for inspiration?

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with clients online. This is why videos are the most important type of content on almost every online platform. 

This is why it will be easier to grow your brand if you know about the top video marketing trends in 2022.

Innovative Marketing By Using More Animated Explainer Videos 

Since the early days of television, animation has always been an important part of how businesses market themselves. This is because animations can create powerful brand images that stay in the minds of customers.

In 2022, animated explainer videos will become much more popular. They are a great way for businesses to educate customers about how their products work and how to use them. Many businesses also use explainer videos to onboard new employees. 

Live Streaming Becoming More Popular

Live streaming has continued to grow in popularity during the past few years and this trend will not change anytime soon. This is because people enjoy connecting with influencers in real-time. 

Expect More Shoppable Videos 

Shoppable videos make it easy for consumers to buy products within an instant with the click of a mouse. These videos have clickable buttons that lead customers to a store or website where they can make purchases. 

Shoppable videos are most popular on social media platforms, especially on Instagram. After a customer watches a video ad, they no longer need to look for a product manually. All they have to do is click on the product that’s being talked about on a shoppable video. 

Companies Are Hiring SEO Companies to Help Grow Their Businesses

Since SEO is such an essential part of digital marketing, more and more companies are hiring SEO agencies to help them out. Professionals who work at these agencies understand how search engines think.

Since they are experienced and skilled, they can help companies to leverage their killer content to make more money. This is why, if you have not yet done so, it’s a great idea to hire an SEO agency for your business.

Vlogging Will Become More Popular

More and more influencers will be documenting their lives in real-time across their social media channels. You should also expect to see larger brands start to get onboard with vlogging. 

It’s becoming one of the most popular types of marketing because it offers businesses a way to share behind-the-scenes situations, talk about their products, and offer company updates. 

Make Use of Top Video Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business

Animated explainer videos are more popular than they’ve ever been. And businesses are increasing their sales by creating more shoppable videos. 

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