The substantial growth of the real estate investment industry is pushing people towards earning money through investment funds. When more than 225 REITs in the USA are responsible for generating a combined market capitalization of $ one trillion, REITs will surely attract several people to have a job in this industry. It is obvious that you want to have a good career to secure the safety and happiness of yourself and your family. So, if you are inquisitive to know how many jobs are available in real estate investment trusts, it is easy to assure you that there are several jobs in real estate investment trusts. With the growth of REITs, several opportunities have beenopened up for your career path. This article will help you to understand which type of real estate job is suitable for you and how you can prepare yourself to have a job in real estate investment trusts.

What Are Real Estate Investment Trusts?

REITs or real estate investment trusts are the finance generating investment companies on the real estate with a right of commercial properties. In recent days, REITs are distributing their investments in several classes of real estate assets and these companies are owning hospitals, hotels, schools, resorts, etc. The main motive of REITs behind owning properties is to generate income and to use the properties for development.

So, REITs are the companies where a group of people invests in real estate that produce finance. As people invest in a volume, therefore, it is important to maintain a portfolio that includes several diversified assets. As there is a group of people to invest and manage the funds, thus, a small investor can also invest in real estate properties.

Why One Should Consider REITs For Investment?

There are several benefits that REITs provide for investment, such as-

  • The biggest advantage of REITs is that here, one can make a small investment. Therefore, REITs are great opportunities for all types of investors.
  • Compared to any other commercial investment, real estate investment provides more profit to the investors.
  • Any investor can very easily buy or sell a share due to the high liquid nature of REITs.
  • Through the delivery of continuous cash flow, the guarantee of better return is ensured by REITs.

REITs As Investment:

Like any other investment industry, in a REIT, investors or shareholders receive a share of income through buying a stock. According to the Internal Revenue Code, REITs should be considered as the corporation of the shareholders and they should follow the model of mutual funds. When a person wants to diversify his or her investment portfolio to mitigate the risks of investment, he or she should consider investing in REITs. Although REITs are not free from all types of potential risks of investment, the growing wealth of investment in REITs can provide you significant benefits. On the other hand, one can enjoy a tax advantage at the corporate level through investing in REITs. However, REITs can be of different types such as-

Equity Real Estate Investment Trust:

This type of investment trust is where physical properties are owned by the company and the stock owners of the company involve in the property management to operate the company.

Mortgage REIT:

This type of investment trust invests in mortgage assets, insteadof owning physical properties. Therefore, in this trust, finance plays the main role of operating the company and the operation of this trust is very much opposite to equity trusts.


Commercial projects such as hospitals, hotels, schools, retail shops, etc. come under the asset of real estate investment trusts. The success of REITs depends on the diversity in the assets and different types of commercial properties and constructions come under this category.

How many jobs are available in real estate investment trusts?

The United States Department of Labor confirms that the demand for sales agents and brokers in real estate is increasing significantly. The average wage of real estate brokers and sales agents in the USA is $51,220 per annum. However, the average wage of the analysts far exceeds the above amount as on average an analyst earns $106,412 per annum. So, it is very clear that there are different types of jobs available in real estate investment trusts and the average salary of the jobs ispretty well. To inform about the best paying jobs and to help you understand which job is suitable for you, this article discusses some noteworthy jobs in real estate investment trusts such as-

Property Management:

            One of the most popular jobs in REITs is property management. The job of a property manager is to deal with individual properties. Your success in this field depends on how much you can satisfy your customers through handling their properties.


            This job is about a project of property development where a team works with the subcontractors and contractors. The job area can be different on the basis of fieldwork. If you possess effective leadership skills to handle a team and if you like to work in a team, the job of property development can be the best option for you.