Did you know that the average adult in the United States of America pays around $2,500 each year in property taxes? Many people make the mistake of thinking that the property value assessment for their new property is what determines the amount of money that they’ll pay in property taxes.

The sad truth is that there are a number of myths that surround the process of buying property. Knowing the truth about determining property value is a great tool to arm yourself with if you plan on diving into real estate investment.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learning all about selling your home and paying your property taxes. Keep reading this article to learn more about the common myths about property value today!

Property Value Assessment Determines Property Taxes

It’s easy to make the mistake of linking the property value assessment to the amount of money that you’re paying in property taxes each year. The truth is that the property taxes that you’ll pay when buying property is the fact that the local school boards and town councils in your area will determine how much money you’re paying in property taxes.

The property value assessment is in place to determine how much your property is worth. Your local government applies the agreed-upon tax rate to your property to determine what you’ll pay each year in property taxes.

Taxes Get Higher Because of Assessments

Assessments have no impact on rising or dropping taxes. If you’re concerned with your property taxes then you should contact your local school board or government. It’s also not a bad thing that your property gets assessed at a high value.

It’s your perfect chance to sell my house fast. You can flip your home for a tidy profit and use that money to make a future real estate investment.

High Assessments Result in More Money for Schools

Another myth with property value assessments is that valuable homes will send more money to schools and the local government. The amount of taxes that you’re paying is determined by looking at how much money is needed to continue providing an education to children in your area.

The taxes that you pay only factor in after the local government sets its budget. From there, your money gets used to pay teachers and keep schools open. This is something to keep in mind if you have plans of buying property in the future.

Now You Know the Truth About Property Value Assessment

Many homeowners make the mistake of believing that the property value assessment will determine the yearly property taxes that they’ll pay. The truth is that the local government and school board determine property taxes. Getting a high property value is great because you can sell your home for a nice profit if you don’t want to pay taxes.

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