A 2014 study of people grieving over a loved one’s death found that 58% of them had dreams of their deceased loved ones.

The dreams ranged from seeing the deceased loved one free of pain and illness to reliving the death of the loved one. For many people, these dreams feel very real.

Dreaming of a deceased loved one helps people feel comforted and have greater acceptance of loss. It gets confusing for folks because these dreams feel so real, they think that there must be a deeper meaning to these dreams of deceased loved ones.

If you had a similar dream recently and want to learn what it could mean, you’re in the right place.

Read on to find out what it means to dream of a deceased loved one.

The Types of Dreams of a Dead Loved One

There are two types of dreams that people tend to experience.

They have visitation dreams or end-of-life experiences. Visitation dreams feel like the person is right there with you. These are powerful because you can feel every sense at work.

You can feel the person’s touch, experience the emotion, and even have a conversation.

End-of-life dreams are common for people who are in the latter stages of their lives. They may be dying of cancer or another disease.

People who know they’re dying dream of people who they knew and who passed away. These dreams tell the person dying that they will be OK when they die.

It’s possible that getting a visitation dream from a loved one means that someone is near death and that it’s OK to let go. They’re communicating that the dreamer will go to a better place.

A Deceased Loved One Is Trying to Contact You

A deceased loved one may be trying to contact you in your dreams. If your loved one looked healthier and younger than when they died, they’re communicating that they’re better now.

Did you dream of a memory you have of your loved one? Your loved one might be trying to contact you. The memory may be significant. There may be a message for you there.

These dreams can also serve as a warning. There may be danger ahead in your life.

What to Do About Visitation Dreams

Visitation dreams can make you feel peaceful and comforted. Yet, you may feel like they have a purpose.

When you have a visitation dream, write everything down as soon as you wake up. Don’t delay because you’ll forget important details of the dream.

You may want to try communicating with the other side or seek counseling to help you process the dream.

There’s no need to be afraid of these dreams. In many cases, they’re a gift that brings peace and comfort.

Dreaming of a Deceased Loved One

Dreaming of a deceased loved one can carry many meanings. They may want to tell you that they’re fine or they’re trying to warn you of danger.

These dreams are often a gift to help you grieve and help you through a tough time.

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