With the advent of the first dating site, the life of millions gained new colors. An unprecedented way to find love quickly found its first fans, and today, one in three Americans has used online dating services at least once in their lives.

The LGBT community was no exception, though the first queer platforms came much later. The first queer dating site broke new ground for the LGBT community and showed that big changes were coming.

Just over twenty years later, we are witnessing a scene that would have been hard to believe before: every queer person can find love online without fear of judgment. Thousands of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals have discovered dedicated online dating communities where they can be themselves and meet like-minded people.

However, many queers are still wary of online dating because the phenomenon has long been surrounded by myths. So that you can experience the benefits of online dating without fear or doubt, today, we will tell you why these myths are nothing more than fiction.

Myth: No one dates online these days

For some reason, many people think online dating is a thing of the past. Certainly, dating sites and apps were on everyone’s radar around five or even ten years ago, something you don’t see very often today. But the fact is that at that time, all the platforms began to actively introduce new technology, which was a huge step forward in the development of online dating. Today, little is said about it simply because finding love online has become as much the norm as traditional methods.

Truth: Most queers go online to find dates

The truth is that online dating has not only become the norm for all singles around the world, but it is LGBT representatives who use matchmaking websites and apps the most. Niche platforms are the most popular in the world of online dating today, and girls looking for girls and guys looking for guys are more likely to use a dating site with a large base of queer members than to try their luck at the local clubs.

Myth: Online dating sites are not safe

On the Internet, as in real life, it is very easy to run into scammers. They prowl every site in search of naive victims who will give them their money without realizing it. But if, in real life, most fraud schemes are difficult to pull off because of the restrictions imposed by law, then on the Internet, cheating someone for money is easier. That is why many people believe it is unsafe to look for love online because there is always the risk of falling into the trap of another scammer.

Truth: Dating sites are probably the safest way for queers to find love

Fraud is a really hot topic for today’s internet users. In all of our favorite social networking sites, thousands of scammers register every day, and thousands of users fall for their tricks. But does this fact stop us from using these platforms? Of course not, because we know for sure how to protect ourselves. So how do online dating sites are different from any social network?

If you compare online dating to real datingfor the LGBT community, this way of finding a relationship is safer. No one can hurt or physically injure you on a dating site, which cannot be guaranteed in real life, given how aggressive some homophobic people are. The big lesbian and gay dating sites work hard to protect their users from scammers, and you just have to choose your conversation partners correctly and not continue a dialogue with a person who is being aggressive. When using dating apps, it’s important to be aware of safety measures and follow some useful Tinder or Bumble tips to ensure a positive and secure online dating experience. These tips can help you navigate the platform, make meaningful connections, and avoid potential risks associated with online dating.

Myth: Dating sites are made for seeking hookups

It is commonly believed that dating sites are only suitable for those who are interested in sex without commitment due to the simplicity of searching for suitable partners. And it is partly true; there are thousands of dating platforms that can help you find casual partners in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, or anything else, arranging casual dating with dating sites is much easier than looking for partners in bars and clubs. But are dating sites really only good for hookups?

Truth: Online dating can serve any need

Online dating as a phenomenon has emerged to serve all the romantic needs of singles. It would be strange if dating sites would only help those who want sex and completely ignore the millions of users who want to find love. Therefore, this prejudice is nothing more than a myth. If you want to find a lesbian or gay person for a long-term relationship, all you have to do is choose the right platform. Normally, it is not difficult to understand which category a site belongs to. If the site’s name doesn’t say hookup, casual, bang, one-night, and otherkeywords like these, it is great for finding love because it is specifically targeted to queers looking for lasting relationships.

Myth: Couples that meet online don’t last

And the last common myth is that many people don’t believe it is possible to meet someone online and build a long-term relationship with them. Quite interestingly, according to statistics, couples who met online divorce far more often than those who found each other through friends and relatives. But are online dating sites to blame for this?

Truth: It all depends on the couple, not the way they meet each other

Let’s be honest; if a couple is not meant to be together, they won’t be. Whether you met your partner online or through friends, it won’t work out if you don’t work on your relationship together. Perhaps when you meet through friends, you will feel more responsible for that relationship because that person knows your friends, which means they know you are dating. Which is not the case when you meet someone online. It’s much easier to break up with someone with whom you have nothing in common other than your relationship. So, it’s not about dating sites; it’s about the mindset and dedication to working on your new relationship.

Despite all the myths surrounding the phenomenon, online dating has changed the lives of millions of queers around the world. Don’t let stereotypes take away your opportunity to meet your soulmate!