Did you know the global market for messenger bags clocked in at a $496.5 million value in 2019? With the use of laptops ubiquitous in most lines of work these days, workers need a trusty messenger bag to carry their devices and work supplies everywhere they go.

But how do you begin choosing the best messenger bag for your needs? Before you buy, you’ll want to consider a bag’s purpose, materials, and style. Align these three components with your tastes and preferences, and you’re golden!

Keep reading for our guide on how to find “man’s best bag:” the right messenger bag for you!

Choose a Bag for the Essentials

The first question to ask yourself when choosing a messenger bag is what do you need to carry? Will you use the bag for work, travel, or both? Do you have to transport electronics, files, books, or heavy materials?

Most messenger bags have the capacity to carry laptops or other electronics comfortably. If you want to take your bag everywhere from the office to the airport, consider a convertible messenger bag. There are even bags for special items like a camera messenger bag as well! 

Messenger Bag Materials to Choose From

For a cheaper material that’ll get the job done, look for bags made with nylon. While not the best in style or comfort, a nylon bog is durable and often waterproof. This option is best for utility jobs or mess-prone environments.

If you want to carry your things in style without breaking the bank, try a pleather messenger bag. Pleather is a vegan alternative to leather that wicks away stains but often creases over time. Genuine leather messenger bags like those from WP Standard are the more durable, luxurious option. 

For an easy-to-clean, lightweight bag, consider canvas. While not the best choice in terms of elegance, canvas material will hold up well and get the job done. Be sure to check if a canvas bag is waterproof before purchasing, especially if you live in a rainy climate.

Messenger Bag Sizes and Styles

Messenger bags sling over your shoulder, causing you to carry most of the weight of the bag on one side of the body. This makes it essential to find a bag fit for your size and styled for your needs.

Complement the size of your bag with your height and build. A too-large bag on a shorter person is sure to cause alignment issues. And if you know you have a heavy load to carry daily, a messenger bag may become too cumbersome. Make sure you know how to wear your bag to avoid this.

A briefcase bag is perfect for securing sensitive items or information. But a military-style messenger bag is fit to take some damage in harsh environments. Satchel bags come in a variety of materials and use two straps that flap over the front of the bag to close.

Choose the Best Messenger Bag For Your Needs

Now you know there are a variety of messenger bag styles, materials, and sizes to choose from. When you make your purchase, consider what is best for your individual fashion sense. Matching your bag to your style, purpose, and environment ensures you’ll get the best use out of it.

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