Do you suffer from joint pain? Or are you just thinking about trying out a supplement to deal with your discomfort for future reference? If so, you might want to give sea moss gel or capsules a try.

We all want the best possible health supplements that we can find. Sea moss is a supplement that many people turn to because it can help with a variety of conditions and help improve your gut health and immune system.

But, what’s the difference between sea moss gel vs capsules? Each type presents its own strengths and weaknesses. Continue reading to make an informed purchasing decision!

How They’re Made

Capsules are made by drying and grinding the moss into a powder. This powder is then encapsulated, typically with a vegan-friendly glycerin or gelatin. This process preserves most of the seaweed’s nutrients and minerals, but it also makes the pills less shelf-stable and more difficult to digest.

Gel, on the other hand, is made by boiling the dried seaweed and then blending it into a thick paste. This paste is then typically refrigerated or frozen. While the gel is more shelf-stable, it also generally contains fewer nutrients than capsules.


Sea moss gel is 92% mineral-rich, making it an ideal detoxifier. It’s also high in vitamins and antioxidants. On the other hand, sea moss capsules are only about 50% mineral-rich.

Capsules are generally easier to take since they can be swallowed with water without any extra prep. Additionally, capsules tend to be more potent since they’re concentrated forms of the plant.

Sea moss gel, on the other hand, can be consumed in different ways. It can be added to smoothies or other drinks and has a slightly more mellow flavor. Sea moss gel is also a good choice if you’re looking for a more natural form of the supplement since it doesn’t contain any extra additives or fillers.


Capsules are generally more expensive than gel form. This is due to the extra processing and packaging required to create them.

Additionally, sea moss capsules tend to be a more concentrated form of sea moss. This means that you need to take fewer of them to get the same effects. This can make them a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Finally, it is essential to consider the cost of shipping when comparing the two. Sea moss gel is usually purchased in bulk, while capsules must be shipped individually. You can check for varieties of sea moss gel at great prices.

Sea Moss Gel vs Capsules: Which Is Better?

Although sea moss gel and capsules provide numerous health benefits, they differ in several ways. Sea moss gel is more potent and versatile, while capsules are more convenient and can be taken on the go. When trying to determine which is best for you, you should talk to your doctor to see what they recommend.

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