If you have a near or distant vision impairment, you’re not alone. Globally, more than 2.2 billion people have such a condition. That means contact lens makers have a lot of customers. 

As customers grow, more contact lens makers appear. And as more contact lens makers appear, each of them will try to outdo the other. This competition likely led to your ability to order contact lenses online. 

But is purchasing contact lenses as good as it seems? Yes! But you have to keep certain things in mind. 

Read on to learn more. 

Visit Your Optometrist 

Contact lenses may not be a good option for you. You also have to make sure you get the right prescription. You can only know about these things if you visit an optometrist. 

Special Lens Conditions 

Some eye conditions can prevent you from safely and comfortably wearing contacts. You may need special lenses for your particular condition. You may not be able to get these lenses at any usual online store.

Book an eye exam with your optometrist (medicalartseye.com has some good ones).  They will check your eyes and learn if you need special lenses. If you don’t, you have more options for buying contact lenses online. 

Contact Lenses Prescription 

Many online contact lens stores don’t allow you to buy contact lenses without a prescription. Even if a store doesn’t require a prescription, you should still get one. If you do, you’ll have perfect vision. 

In addition, you need to regularly visit your optometrist for new prescriptions. Your eyes change over time. 

Order Contacts Online With Insurance 

Do you have vision insurance? Unfortunately, this may not matter to many contact lens sellers. Many of them don’t accept insurance as a way to purchase lenses from them. 

You may be able to manually submit an insurance claim. However, this process can take quite a while and may not be successful. 

Optometry Practice 

If you want to use your vision insurance to purchase contact lenses, it’s best to get your lenses through an optometry practice. Fortunately, many optometry practices allow their patients to order contact lenses online. 

Contact Lenses Quality 

Yes, it may be cheaper to buy contact lenses from some online retailer than from your optometrist. However, you can’t be certain of the quality of these lenses. 


Contact lenses you purchase through your optometrist should be made by reputable manufacturers. This is not guaranteed when you go online. Many retailers have well-crafted counterfeits. 


Random online contact lenses can also have harmful materials and/or contaminants in them. For the sake of your health, buy contacts online through your optometrist. 

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Your eyes are an important part of your everyday life. Make sure you protect them. When you order contact lenses online, do it carefully. 

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