Truck accidents are some of the most destructive and fatal road incidents. Because of the size and weight of commercial trucks, their collisions can cause life-altering injuries and property damage. Some of the cities in the United States, such as the City of Newburgh, record disturbing figures for truck accidents. Newburgh is a city in the state of New York, within Orange County.

The city is close to Stewart International Airport and has numerous preserved landmarks, such as the David Crawford House, the New York State Armory, and many more. Unfortunately, truck accidents in New York, where Newburgh is located, increased exponentially. In 2009, the number of truck accidents recorded was 11,100; in 2018, the figures escalated to 20,500. Exactly, it is an 85% increase. Truck accidents in this city claim the lives of 80 people on average annually.

In such circumstances, you need a truck accident attorney who understands trucking regulations and legal procedures to help you file a claim because it is complicated. A qualified attorney will ensure that you get desirable compensation. Suppose you are affected by a truck accident in the city of Newburgh. In that case, hiring Finkelstein & Partners for your Newburgh truck accident claim will be essential to navigating you through the lawsuit and receiving the compensation you deserve.

This article will explore the necessity of hiring a truck accident attorney to assist you in filing your claim and defending your legal rights after a truck accident.

Truck accidents can cause disastrous damage

Trucks are generally large and weighty; hence, when a truck collides with a small car, the results can be fatal for the occupants. In addition, if a truck driver loses control and hits a pole or plunges into a ditch, the accident can cause devastating destruction because of the size and weight of the truck.

Because of the immense injuries and financial damage that truck accidents cause, the cases involved here have a higher stake than most car accidents. Therefore, you must hire an experienced truck accident attorney to handle your case and demystify the process.

Multiple parties may be involved

Suppose a truck accident brings casualties your way, and your life is altered because of the accident. In that case, you have the right to receive desirable compensation from anyone responsible. However, you will have to prove that the responsible person who had a duty of care toward you breached this dutyand that this breach caused your injury.

The process is very complex, and you must consult an attorney with expertise in specifictruck accident cases. The attorney will investigate the accident and find out who is responsible, after which he will help you receive your claim.

Identifying damages can be a challenge

It is easy to identify the damages in many car accidents, unlike heavy trucks, due to the significant injuries the trucks cause. You might not be sure of full recovery if your life is altered. These challenges come with medical expenses, physical therapy or rehabilitation, or spending a longtime off work. In this case, you have all the reasons to seek the services of a truck accident attorney.

Your experienced truck accident lawyer will help you investigate and gather the evidence you will require to receive maximum compensation for your losses.

The trucking industry has many rules and regulations

The federal government has strict regulations for the trucking industry, and all truckers must adhere to these rules in every state. Typically, negligence and a Department of Transportation or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulation violation can be similar.

An experienced truck accident attorney understands these regulations and the usual causes of trucking accidents. This knowledge will give your attorney the upper hand to quickly identify any possible claims.

The complexity of trucking insurance

Like the broad web of federal trucking regulations, trucking insurance can be complex. Trucking insurance companies have devised ways of settling a claim as cheaply as possible. It includes giving low offers or dragging a claim out for many years to put pressure on you to accept their low offer.

You will need a truck accident lawyer who has the expertise and resources to defend you against such trucking companies and their insurers.

Your lawyer can develop the best legal strategy

Your truck accident attorney will devise workable strategies to pursue your case and fight for desirable compensation. A trial plan is vital when your case proceeds to the jury.

In conclusion, receiving a desirable claim for the injuries you incurred in a truck accident goes hand in hand with hiring an experienced truck accident attorney. The attorney will help youhandle the complexity of the trucking accident case, an action that will protect your legal rights and ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. This will give you peace of mind after a traumatic accident.