The legal field offers many great career opportunities, regardless of your skills, experience, or education. If you have a passion for justice, the rights of the people, or just law in general, there are plenty of legal careers to fulfill that desire.

Read on to learn about some careers in the legal field you should consider, and see what sparks your interest. 

Paralegals and Legal Assistants

If you’re looking to get into the legal field without committing to years of education, these are the law jobs for you. Paralegals and legal assistants help with a variety of tasks for lawyers and these jobs are a great foot in the door for the legal field while only requiring an associate’s degree. 

Paralegals and legal assistants research, organize, and investigate information and facts in cases for lawyers. They also help prepare legal documents and often provide administrative support for the lawyers, such as reducing expenses in the office. While paralegals and legal assistants do a lot of the same work as lawyers, they cannot give legal advice or represent clients in court. 

Court Manager

Another great way to get into the legal field without a law degree is by becoming a court manager. This job is more behind the scenes, but still essential to a functioning law system.

A court manager oversees the operations of a courthouse or multiple courthouses. This can include managing the budget, the facilities, and the hiring and management of non-judicial staff such as clerks.

This career is generally a government position and usually requires a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in public administration or business administration.


A vitally important and often overlooked career in the legal field is that of an arbitrator. Arbitrators help resolve conflicts outside of the courts by facilitating negotiations between parties.

This job is important and often difficult and includes conducting meetings, setting guidelines, and preparing settlements. While the proceedings that they hold are less formal than the court system, they can still settle legally binding matters. 

To be an arbitrator, you generally need at least a bachelor’s degree, however, experience is more important for this career. Many arbitrators have already worked in the legal field or are professionals in a certain area that applies to the conflicts being resolved. 

Court Reporter

If you want to be right where the action is without getting a law degree, consider becoming a court reporter. A court reporter creates transcriptions of court hearings, trials, and other legal proceedings.

This position requires training but not necessarily a formal degree. You’ll often need a certificate or a state license, as well as on-the-job training.

Other Careers in the Legal Field

While these are a few different careers in the legal field, it hardly touches the surface of what your options are. From the many different types of lawyers to clerks, all the way up to judges, the possibilities are endless.

For more interesting information check out our other articles and good luck on your journey into the legal field!