Divorce sucks. There’s no way to fully avoid that. This being said, the divorce process can be a lot easier if you’re aware of a few details before you get into the thick of it.

Finances Are Tough

No matter how you and your ex-spouse had divided up expenses, pretty much everyone who goes through a divorce is shocked by the financial experience of having your household income change. It’s vital that you start a budget immediately. It’s also important to note that even if you’re expecting help from your ex-spouse in terms of child support or spousal support, you shouldn’t include this in your initial budget. It’s common for there to be delays in payments or the cessation of payments during negotiations or renegotiations. 

Move With Care And Caution

It might be tempting to simply grab the first place you can find that’s away from your spouse, but this isn’t always the best decision, especially if custody of children is something that is being discussed. This is because the majority of legal structures value keeping things as consistent as possible for children during a divorce. Let’s not get into a debate about whether this is a fair or effective approach to minimizing damage for children, particularly for children whose status quo wasn’t pleasant, to begin with.

What this means is that if your children each had their own room in the home you shared, getting a new home where they have to share a room can count as a change. Selecting a home in a different school district can also count as a change. Real estate professionals at geronadv.co.il suggest that you speak to someone local who knows your real estate landscape and can help you be are of all your options. Try to think about how the changes you’re making will alter your children’s daily habits.

Seek Support

No matter how terrible your marriage was or wasn’t, there are going to be discoveries you make about what your spouse was doing for you that you weren’t aware of. Some of these discoveries will make you more certain divorce was the right choice; some will make you realize aspects of your marriage you hadn’t appreciated. It’s vital that you seek out support because you will need it. You might struggle to adapt to doing all the home-related things by yourself. You might not know how to do certain things your spouse always handled. Find people in your life that can help you with these things as you adjust.

Practise Active Listening

No matter how you feel about your ex-spouse, you will likely need to cooperate somewhat for the time being (for the rest of your lives if you have children). One of the best ways to reduce problems during difficult interactions is by practicing active listening. Really pay attention to what they’re saying and rephrase it back to them (gently) to confirm you understand. Something like, “Just to make sure I understand, you’re saying that x makes you feel like y, and you’d prefer z?” Wait for them to agree with or correct your understanding before moving on to solutions.

The above information should help make the divorce process a little easier for you. An amicable divorce with minimal damages is possible, especially if you prioritize it.