The average American spends 36 years laying in bed, so why not create the ultimate space for chilling out?

Curating the ultimate bedroom is essential for having an oasis to unwind after a hectic week and a space that’s entirely yours. But with so many design tips online, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. Maybe that’s why you’re here, you’re searching for a no-nonsense guide to help you design the bedroom of your dreams.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry; we’ve got it! Here’s how to design a bedroom you’ll love.

Choose Neutral Colors

When designing a bedroom, you want to choose the right colors. Although it’s tempting to cover your space in bold shades, it could look loud and clash with your furniture. Instead, play it down with a neutral color palette, from your bedding sets to the walls, so you have more creative freedom with the furniture.

Find the Best Layout

Before brainstorming bedroom ideas, you need the perfect layout. Start by positioning the bed so it maximizes the space, which is essential in smaller rooms. You should also work out storage solutions, whether you’re installing shelves or building a walk-in closet.

Choose Flooring

If you want to create the best bedroom, the flooring needs to match. The beauty is you have flexibility compared to other rooms like the kitchen where moisture is an issue. You can either choose carpet for comfort or install wood flooring with a rug on top.

Invest in Practical Bedroom Furniture

Don’t clutter your room with unnecessary pieces instead, choose bedroom furniture with intention. For instance, decide whether you want a dressing table or a bookcase with your favorite novels. Also, find bedside tables or a wardrobe that ties the decor together and follows the layout.

Find the Right Lighting

An underrated element of bedroom design is lighting.

Interior designers suggest layering your lights as it helps set the mood. This means you have overhead, floor, and wall lights. You should also find ones with a dimmer switch so you can adjust lighting levels depending on the time.

Dress Bedroom Windows

Decide whether you want electric blinds or curtains to dress your windows. The key is striking the perfect balance of prioritizing privacy with a design you’re happy with. If you have trouble sleeping and want to block the sun, find window drapery with heavier fabric or add blackout lining to your shades.

You can also consider hanging sheer curtains as it welcomes light without compromising your privacy, which is useful if you have neighbors opposite.

Design a Bedroom You Love

Now, after reading this article, you’re ready to design a bedroom.

There are many components to consider such as figuring out the layout and dressing the window to your desired style. You should also install the perfect lighting solutions.

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