Are you wondering how to choose the best way to floor your bathroom?

Maybe you’ve just had a bathroom remodel completed. Or you’re wondering how to pick the best flooring choice for your bathroom.

Worry not! We’re here to help you navigate all the different types of flooring and help you find the one that will serve you for years to come. Keep reading for everything you need to know about how to choose the best bathroom flooring option.


Vinyl, ceramic tile, and even luxury vinyl plank flooring is a great option for a bathroom since it is water-resistant and easy to maintain. You should also consider how easily the material will scratch, dent or show wear and tear over time.

If a material is easy to scratch and dent it may not be a good fit for a bathroom. With that in mind, you should consider materials with a higher hardness rating, like porcelain, natural stone, and certain types of hardwood.

It is also important to note that a few of the material on the new floors is much harder to clean than others. If you opt for a darker color tile which may show more dirt and grime, be prepared to invest in high-quality cleaning products and more frequent cleaning to maintain its original look.


Natural stone and porcelain tile are popular and durable options, as they are easy to clean and resistant to mold, but they can also be cold and hard on the feet. Vinyl flooring or linoleum are easier to clean and maintain and softer underfoot but less durable.

Consider potential upkeep associated with each option and if unique cleaning supplies may be necessary. Regular cleaning and sealing of natural stone can be costly and more of an investment. If you have a large household, a higher-traffic flooring option, such as ceramic tile, is the way to go.

Be sure to research the environmental impact of the chosen material and any ongoing maintenance requirements, such as repairs and finish replacement. Read this article on porcelain tiles to understand what you are buying.

The Cost

Start by getting accurate estimates of the costs associated with each potential option. If you want luxury options, they will cost more. Additionally, calculate the cost of floor installation, as this will vary depending on the type of flooring and its complexity.

Compare estimates to see which flooring choice is the most cost-effective, but also consider that cheap options might mean shorter lifespans or compromise on quality.

Keep in mind that the type of flooring you choose could have an impact on future maintenance and repair costs. Explore financing and discounts for the flooring you have in mind.

Finally, don’t forget to include the value of long-term savings for durable, high-quality materials. Choosing the bathroom floors means weighing all these considerations with the cost in mind.

Consider the Aesthetic

Hardwood can be a great option due to its classic look, and it can be treated to resist moisture. Tiles also provide a classic look and come in many different colors and textures, allowing you to find the best one for your bathroom.

Some synthetic materials can provide the same look and aesthetic as hardwood or tiles but with the peace of mind of being waterproof and easy to maintain. Consider the aesthetic you want for your bathroom, and then pick the flooring option that best fits your needs and style.

Cleaning products 

The first step is to determine how often the floor will need to be cleaned. If the floor will be often cleaned more than once a week, it is best to choose a surface that can withstand frequent use without wear and tear. For high-traffic areas, tile is often the best choice, as it can be easily wiped clean and resists moisture.

For low-traffic areas, a more luxurious option such as stone or vinyl might be a better choice. Consider the various products that may need to be wear resistance of the floor materials to decide what is best for the specific bathroom. Look for products that can use on a particular type of floor and that won’t cause damage.

If a steam cleaner is being used, be sure to check that the steam will not affect the floor surface. Finally, it is important to find a balance between selecting a surface that is easy to care for and selecting a floor that is beautiful, durable, and meets other design requirements.

Consider the Installation

Installing the wrong type of flooring can lead to long-term costs and inconvenience. If the material is fragile, you should also consider installing a moisture barrier to reduce the risk of water damage.

Additionally, if a type of material requires special skills or tools to install, it may be worth hiring a professional to properly install it. Finally, having a good idea of the labor and installation costs involved can help you decide which material to go with.

Choose the Best Bathroom Flooring Today

Choosing the best bathroom flooring option is a difficult decision, but it can also be an enjoyable one. With the right knowledge, research, and forethought, you can easily choose the flooring to best match your needs. So, don’t delay and start your research today to find the best flooring for your bathroom!

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