Did you know that of all fires reported in the U.S. annually, 26% happen in the home? With US wildfires in recent months, some of those Americans have probably been you.

We are very sorry if you have recently experienced the heartbreak of fire damage. We know that this can disrupt your life and be incredibly inconvenient, not to mention costly.

Hopefully, after reading this blog post, you’ll get back on track as soon as possible.

Document the Damage

Before assessing the soot damage caused by a fire, it is essential to document it. This is often done with a camera or video camera to capture the extent of the damage.

Take some photographs of the damage inside and outside the home with written descriptions. Besides, it is important to note any items that have been destroyed, such as furniture and video or computer equipment.

Inspect the Exterior

Make sure to look for structural damage such as buckled or shifted walls, missing siding, damaged windows, melted shutters, or damaged gutters. Additionally, if someone is using water, it helps to extinguish the fire.

Look for signs of mold, mildew, and dampness in any wood structures, such as decks or porches. Next, check the roofing of your home and any outdoor facilities, like a shed or garage, to see if the fire has compromised any of those structures.

Assess the Interior

Inspect for cracking or blackening of the walls and ceilings and discoloration that may indicate heat or fire damage items. Check for warping of the walls, floors, and ceilings caused by water or steam. Look for melted plastics, electrical wiring, light fixtures, and insulation, which may contain toxic smoke-damaged homes and fumes.

Check Electrical Systems

Look for any burned wiring that could pose a safety hazard, such as burnt insulation or exposed wires. Checking the circuit breaker is essential to see if the wall outlets or switches malfunction.

Additionally, the wiring should be inspected for any burns or damage. This can be done with a voltmeter. The electrical system must be replaced if the wiring has been burned and melted. If the wiring is still in good condition, it may need to be rewired.

Call a Professional

Professionals have the knowledge and training required to diagnose the extent of the damage, understand fire safety codes, and provide viable solutions to restore your home to its original condition. A professional contractor will check the damage and determine the necessary repairs, whether partial or complete.

They may also need to remove smoke damage and sanitize the affected area to prevent mold or mildew growth and to prevent further damage. A professional contractor like techson electronics can provide an accurate list of materials needed to complete the repairs. With a professional assessment, you can ensure your home is properly restored to a safe and healthy condition.

Start Assessing Fire Damage to Your House Now

Assessing and mitigating fire damage requires expertise and specialized knowledge to ensure your family’s safety. Hiring professional fire damage assessors can help determine the damage’s extent and the necessary repairs.

Act now to ensure your home is safe and free of fire damage. Call a damage assessor today.

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