A lawn care company can make your lawn the best on the block. Your beautiful lawn will stand out amongst your neighbours with freshly cut grass, edges around sidewalks, and sharply manicured bushes. More and more people are using lawn care services.

Don’t think caring for your lawn must cost a fortune. There are several prices to pay to get your beautiful lawn, including a one-time fee, the size of your property, and hourly rates. Much depends on you and what you want!

Here’s how to figure out how much it will cost you for home landscaping. 

One-Time Fees and Your Lawn Care Company

Not everyone needs constant care from a lawn care company. You might need a landscaper to cut your lawn once or twice a season. Paying a one-time fee might be the solution.

Perhaps you’re selling a property or taking care of it for an elderly relative. If you only need it cut a few times, RDSlawncare.com could be the answer you need!

Size of Your Lawn

During an initial consultation, a home landscaping company will come to your property to assess the size of your beautiful lawn. You will then pay for the amount of grass you have to cut. 

Caring for your lawn and learning how to get green grass will mean paying by the square foot or the acre of your yard. As square footage gets bigger, it might be cheaper to pay by the acre.

Hourly Rates

Some landscapers may work by the hour rather than charge you by the size of your lawn. Be sure to ask about the hourly rates before signing a contract. It’s also best to find out if rates change during evening and weekend hours.

Find out if the company will send one person to cut your lawn or multiple landscapers, which can affect the price dramatically. 

Types of Services 

In addition to cutting your grass, you may want a landscaper to give you lawn care tips, which means additional fees. Lawn care tips could mean advising you to buy turf treatments and pest control. 

You may ask how to get green grass as part of your consultation. Extra chemicals and treatment will cost you more money! 

The best idea is to talk with your lawn care company about the types of services they offer. Ask if they can bundle lawn treatments. If you need several things, they might give you a break. 

Lawn Care Company Costs

There are several ways a lawn care company can charge you to take care of your lawn. You can pay a one-time fee, or they will charge you based on the size of your property. You can also pay by the hour or for the types of services needed.

Lawn care does not have to be pricey! Working with a great lawn care company can help you get the best-looking property in the neighbourhood without costing you a small fortune. On our website, you’ll find

more information about getting the best lawn and different services. 

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