You’ve just finished the after-dinner washing up, but the sink is still full of dirty water, and it shows no signs of disappearing. You have a blocked drain, no doubt about it. While your inclination might be to attempt to clear it yourself with one of the various home remedies you’ve heard about (usually from old wives’ tales), please save yourself a potentially even bigger mess by letting us convince you otherwise! It’s time to call a pro, and here are some reasons why!

You are liable to make it worse – Probably much worse! There’s a reason why the honourable and unsung profession of plumbing exists, and it is a good one- they know exactly what to do, and have the right tools to do it! If you have blocked drains in Northern Beaches your best bet is to give the pros a call and get it done right!

Home remedies are usually wrong

I know, Grandma said to dump hot water and bleach in while you count to twelve, but chances are it will end badly in a hot, bleach-reeking disaster before you get to six! The thing is you don’t really know what’s causing things, and the pros do, so they can choose the right tactics to unclog your drain without all the mess. That brings us to the next problem your DYI attempts will meet-

You don’t know what the problem is!

Home plumbing and drainage systems are complicated, so identifying the source of the problem can be, too. A professional plumber can sort out the situation quickly and easily, saving you time and stress. It may even turn out that you need to replace an ageing fixture with something more up-to-date that willsave you money in the long run, something your plumber can also advise you on so you get the right fit for your home. Sit back and let them do their work, they really do know what’s best!

Keep safety in mind

It may seem like a simple blocked drain, but it might be just a symptom of something far more serious. If you go in taking your best guess with unfamiliar tools, you could end up with a face full of scalding hot water, or even raw sewage! Your kitchen or bath might end up resembling the aftermath of a flood or mudslide, and then there are your hospital bills. Don’t risk it! Call the pros!

Proper maintenance

There is an added benefit to hiring a professional to unblock your drain, they can thoroughly examine your system and assess any potential problems, then give you advice on proper maintenance to ensure your water flows freely into the future.

Also, it’s a good idea to see what the government has to say about it, they have a website for everything, and plumbing is no exception! So, don’t get strung out by a plugged-up drain, call your plumber and everything will come out fine!