The decoration is very important for everyone, and many people have few experiences with decoration. So, for the home decoration precautions they know nothing about it, they will find some decoration tips precautions on the Internet. In this blog, we will discuss some decoration considerations and decoration highlights.

Some Decoration Considerations and Decoration Highlights

Preliminary Preparation

Preparation is half the battle. In the early stage of decoration, we should expand our decoration knowledge and investigate the local market. Including decoration company, construction team, and decoration building materials. Understand the actual local conditions, as well as the overall size of the house, the project to be constructed, etc. The second is to do a good job in the early stage of communication, and preparation, including: looking for the right decoration company, communication with the property, garbage disposal, material transportation, and other issues.

Starts with Design

The decoration of the house must be designed, it can be benign, or it can be creative. If you really do not understand the design, at least before the start of the decoration construction, think about your own needs, and list each need as detailed as possible. If the designer is invited to design, then early communication is particularly important, if the early communication is not comprehensive, the latter constantly supplements the needs, constantly changes the design, wastes a lot of time, and finally have regrets, but also may increase the additional budget, which is what the owner does not want to see.

Decoration Process

Renovation is roughly divided into the following 6 steps (although some steps will be slightly different, generally follow this process): Demolition (protection – demolition – demolition of heating – door hole about feet – cabinet about feet) – water and electricity (water and electricity communication – water and electricity renovation – water and electricity acceptance – fresh air, floor heating, central air conditioning installation) – Bricklayer (wall building – window replacement – wall floor repair and leveling – Waterproofing and water closure test – Bricklaying – pointing – Gas routing – cabinet ruler – Installation of door stone) – Woodworker (ceiling) – Oilman – Installation (ceiling) Kitchen and bathroom main materials – floor, skirting line – windowsill stone – door, pass, window cover – custom wardrobe – radiator – switch, socket, lamp).

Decoration Acceptance

There are a total of 4 steps: Material acceptance: After the entry of home improvement materials, after their own strict acceptance, the construction can be carried out. Interim acceptance: When the decoration is in the middle of the process, the customer, the designer, the project supervisor, and the construction party have passed the acceptance, and they respectively sign the quality report to confirm. Hydropower acceptance: hydropower transformation is a hidden project, after the completion of construction, carry out a closed water test and construction results acceptance. Final acceptance: the customer, the designer, the decoration supervisor, and the person in charge of the construction need to be present at the same time, all parties should reconfirm the decoration materials, layout, process quality, etc., if there is no problem above, the final signature acceptance.

Decoration Highlights

Regarding the traditional approach to decoration, there’s room for introducing some new and innovative decoration features. For instance, opting for no ceiling lights could be a novel approach. Typically, chandeliers have a height exceeding 50cm. However, if the house’s ceiling is relatively low, installing a large chandelier might lead to head collisions. Therefore, in homes with lower ceilings, it’s advisable to avoid installing chandeliers. You can also install smart homes, such as smart locks, to ensure security.


The renovation period is very long, but after the renovation, you will have a dream home, which can bring you warmth and comfort. Therefore, the decoration designer must find good preparation work and make an arrangement, in order to have a dream home. Thanks for reading!