You may be surprised to learn that the typical American spends just under $5,000 annually on home improvements. While you might prefer to budget for cosmetic improvements, don’t overlook items like gutter maintenance. Without it, you put the rest of your property at risk.

Read on to learn the 7 telltale signs your home is due for a gutter cleaning!

1. Puddles Sit Beneath Your Gutters

Clogged gutters won’t let water drain to the right spot away from your home. Instead, you’ll see puddles of water forming around the foundation. Clogged gutters won’t be able to direct water anywhere, so it will just spill over the edge.The water can find its way into foundation cracks and cause water damage.

2. Water Travels Above Your Gutters

Water should travel through your gutters. But when they’re clogged with leaves, twigs, and debris, that won’t happen.

Check to see if water is dripping over the edges of your gutters during your next rainfall. This is an indicator that you need gutter care.

3. A Garden Is Growing in Your Gutters

Make sure that the only gardens on your property are growing in the ground. If you look at your gutters and see green plants sprouting from them, it’s time for gutter care.

The weight of plants and soil can take a toll on your gutters over time. Don’t wait to address it. Turn to for gutter solutions!

4. Birds Are in Your Gutters

When leaves, dirt, and twigs build up in your gutters, they produce warmth that birds and other pests may find appealing. If you see birds building nests or squirrels hanging out nearby, it’s time to pursue gutter maintenance. If you don’t, some of those pests could start gnawing on your roof and infesting your home.

5. Your Gutters Sag

Sagging gutters won’t help your home’s curb appeal, and they won’t help protect your home, either. When those channels that should be directing water away from your home are full, they’ll start sagging. And if you don’t pursue gutter cleaning options, you might end up replacing your gutters.

6. Icicles Form in the Winter

This is a clear indication that ice can’t find its way off your roof.It’s not able to melt and trickle through the gutters. Instead, it’s refreezing and forming dangerous icicles.

7. Gutter Care Is Not Your Priority

When was the last time you or someone else cleaned your gutters? If you’re unable to come up with a time, then gutter care probably hasn’t been a priority. It’s time to clean them and avoid larger issues down the road!

Get Regular Gutter Cleaning

Getting gutter cleaning is a critical part of your home maintenance checklist. Watch for puddles beneath your gutters, sagging, and icicles. And if you see wildlife or plants sprouting from your gutters, you’ll need some gutter maintenance.

Find more tips to keep your home healthy. Check back for new articles soon!