Are you unsure if it’s time to replace your home’s roof?

There’s a growing demand for roof repair and replacements lately. However, not knowing when to call the roofing experts can be more costly in the long run.

How can you tell if it’s time to call a contractor? Read on for 5 signs that your home needs expert roofing ASAP.

1. The 20-Year Mark

One obvious sign that it’s time to contact the roofing experts is the age of your roof. Is it 2 decades old or nearing the 20-year-old market? If so, then it’s time to consult a trusted roofing contractor.

Roofs tend to falter more often by then. More damages appear in different areas. You also see moss accumulating on the surface.

Moss absorbs and retains water from rainfall, causing moisture to reach the shingles. The roof will rot while the shingles buckle faster due to sunlight exposure.

Licensed contractors like Proformance Roofing Contractors can give expert recommendations regarding your roof. They’ll conduct a thorough inspection and provide appropriate resolutions for your roofing concerns.

2. Visible Damage

Go up the roof and check the condition of your shingles. Do you see loose or missing shingles? Are they sagging and blistering everywhere?

Then it’s time to contact a roofer for a proper assessment. The roof experts will check if they can still repair the damages or if a replacement is in order.

Watch out for loose nails that also lead to missing shingles and leaks. If you have asphalt shingles, check for granules in the gutters and downspouts. Accumulated granules mean the shingles are starting to disintegrate.

3. Water Damage

Water damage affects both your roofing system and home structural integrity. It can reach your home’s foundation and compromise its safety.

Water damage can also cause mold and mildew that pose health hazards. Mold exposure can lead to allergies and severe respiratory problems.

4. Seeing Daylight

Daylight that enters the attic means your roof has cracks and holes.

Consult your roofer for an inspection. Usually, they can seal those holes if you catch the problem early.

5. Increase in Heating and Cooling Bills

Do you notice your electric bills rising, despite a well-maintained HVAC? It can be a sign of a failing roofing system. Having a poor roof will force your heating system to work harder during winter.

On the flip side, your air conditioner will do the same during summer, causing your HVAC expenses to increase. Consult with a professional roofing expert who can rule out other possible causes aside from a failing roof.

Go Beyond Consulting the Roofing Experts

Keeping an eye on these signs will save you from a more costly predicament. You can call the roofing experts early and ensure your home’s safety.