So your place might be looking a bit ravaged. Do you know how to clean it effectively?

No matter how much time you spend cleaning, it doesn’t result in a clean home if not done the right way. This is where these tips for cleaning a house come in.

Read on and learn how to clean your house from top to bottom.

1. Start with a Plan

Before beginning, have a cleaning schedule and create a plan of attack. Decide whether to work room by room or to begin with the highest point in the home and work your way down. Determine what cleaning supplies, equipment, and products you need for the job. Have a basic timeline for completing each task.

Create checklists to assure every task is completed. Take a room-by-room inventory to identify surface buildups and dirt. Allocate enough time for each task and add a break time to give yourself breathing room.

2. Declutter and Organize

Begin by getting rid of any items that are no longer needed. This could include clothing, old furniture, toys, and books that are taking up unnecessary space. Once the clutter has been removed, organize items that are still in use and sort them by size, function, or purpose.

This will make it easier to keep track of things. For example, all kitchen supplies should be kept in their cupboard or pantry. Finally, clean all surfaces with a vacuum and damp cloth to make the house sparkle.

3. Dust from High to Low

Start by dusting from high to low to prevent dust from circulating and settling again. Begin by wiping off any cobwebs, ceiling fans, and light fixtures with a damp microfiber cloth. Then work your way down to the walls and furniture.

Dust bookshelves, mantles, blinds, and curtains. Wipe down all furniture, including inside drawers, cupboards, and cabinets. Clean off any electronics and remove all items from the surfaces to dust beneath them. Finally, dust the floors by vacuuming carpets and furniture using the upholstery attachment and mopping hardwood and tile floors.

4. Deep Clean Floors and Carpets

Begin by vacuuming your carpets to remove surface dirt, grit, and dust. After vacuuming, use a deep-cleaning carpet shampooer to effectively remove any deeply embedded dirt or stains. When it comes to hardwood floors, start by sweeping away any surface dust and dirt.

To bring out the shine, a damp mop should be used to clean away any stubborn, caked-on dirt. For areas of stuck-on dirt, you can always use a gentle homemade or store-bought cleaner. If you don’t have the right equipment for deep cleaning, then get the help of experts like Legacy Cleaning Services.

5. Don’t Forget the Details

Don’t just focus on the bigger items like wiping down countertops and washing the windows. Make sure to pay attention to the smaller tasks as well. Dust the picture frames and knickknacks, vacuum the upholstery and carpets, clean the baseboards, sanitize the doorknobs and switch plates, and get into all of those hard-to-reach crevices.

Sweep and mop the floors, wipe down the appliances and cabinet doors, and scrub the toilets and bathtubs. You also don’t want to forget the windowsills, light fixtures, and ceiling fans.

Follow These Tips for Cleaning a House

By following these tips for cleaning a house, you can guarantee a fast and thorough cleaning. Taking the time to clean your home regularly can save you hours of work in the future. Take action now and use these tips to ensure your home shines from top to bottom.

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