The modern farmhouse aesthetic found popularity in 2015 and has slowed down little since. As a result, there are still many homeowners jumping on this home decor trend. They’re buying up reclaimed wood furniture, wrought iron decorations, barn doors, and more. 

Unfortunately, though, that second to last item there comes with some potential problems. People may believe that installing a barn door is as easy as installing a regular one. This isn’t the case. 

Homeowners can run into many barn door installation mistakes while they’re putting theirs up. Read on to learn what these are and how to avoid them. 

1. Incorrect Measurement

Accurately measuring your opening is very important for door installation preparation. Swinging doors need to fill up exactly half of the width of it or slightly less. If they don’t, then they won’t fit together. 

For a sliding barn door, measuring is different. Manufacturers do not make these to fit in an opening. They need to overlap it for the best privacy. 

Add 2-4 inches to your opening width measurement and 1/2-1 inch to the height one. This will give you a good idea of your ideal sliding door size. How much length you add depends on how much you want to cover. 

2. Installing on Uneven Walls or Frames

The sides of your door opening may not be level. This is not a huge issue with a sliding barn door design. However, swinging doors may not fit together well if one side is leaning slightly. 

Be sure to take a level and measure each side of the door opening. If they’re leaning too far forward or back, wait before installing your door. Try to make them straight yourself or call an expert first. 

3. Buying Poor Quality Barn Doors 

Unfortunately, some companies do not build quality barn doors. They may believe that they can make barn doors using cheap methods. However, all barn doors should have the same level of quality as regular hinged doors. 

Select a company that also has experience with normal doors. They will build ones that last a long time. 

4. Using Screws Incorrectly 

To secure the hinges of swinging doors, you’ll need screws. However, unlike some other barn installation tools, your screw choice needs to be exact. You also need to secure the screws properly.

Don’t choose screws that are too short. These will cause your barn doors to slide down the wall. 

Also, avoid tightening the screws too much. This will cause wooden doors and frames to warp. 

5. Failing to Follow Instructions

Following the instructions is an important part of any construction project. It’s especially important when you haven’t performed a task before. 

While you’re installing your barn door, read the instructions carefully. Make sure that you understand them well. 

Learn About Barn Door Installation Mistakes and More

You may still feel stuck after reading all these barn door installation mistakes. If so, it may be best to spring for a door installation service. Saving the money isn’t worth having a door that looks unappealing. 

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