Arkansas is home to many old houses lacking ductwork. Unfortunately, installing it into these older properties often causes extensive damage to original plasterwork and woodwork and necessitates removing walls or closet space for installation. There are various heating and air conditioning services in Siloam Springs for homes without ductwork available to them, such as:

1. Ductless Heat Pump

Mini-split heat pumps (also referred to as ductless heat pumps) are one of the best solutions for homes without ductwork. These compact systems include an outdoor compressor unit connected by pipes filled with refrigerant and electrical wires running through small holes in walls.

These systems offer many advantages over central systems, including their ability to serve multiple rooms independently with independent temperature zones and lower up-front costs. If you choose an ENERGY STAR model, you may also qualify for federal and local tax credits as well as utility incentives.

Ductless systems are ideal for new additions like garage apartments, sunrooms, or mancaves, as they allow proper sizing to fit each space without siphoning off air from other rooms or overloading existing ducts.

Simply make sure to contact a professional to obtain a quote and ensure your system is correctly sized, insulated, and installed – otherwise, a poorly executed ductless installation could result in higher energy bills than expected.

2. Radiators

Radiators may get a bad rep for looking like unsightly steam-punkish jalopies, but they have actually been warming people since 1855. Their design works by running water or steam through pipes before collecting in fancy metal vessels that radiate their warmth outward.

Radiators can be an excellent way to heat multiple rooms at once and are an ideal option for homes without ductwork, since they do not use forced air and therefore don’t cause drafts or pose the same risk of mildew as furnaces do.

Radiator heaters are among the easiest devices to manage and use, thanks to built-in thermostats and programmable timers that simplify operations. You can set operating times and temperatures easily, enabling you to ensure each room only heats when necessary, cutting energy costs by eliminating wasteful overheating.

Many models also include an eco mode which automatically cycles them on/off at regular intervals.

3. Space Heaters

If you need an effective and fast way to heat your living space quickly and efficiently, a space heater could be just what’s needed. Look for models with adjustable louvers for optimal heating results – these allow the heat to be directed where it needs to go in different parts of the room.

Consider both the size of your space, as well as its wattage when making your selection. When possible, purchase an ENERGY STAR-rated space heater as this will reduce running costs; other useful features are quiet operation, safety sensors that prevent overheating and portability.

Furthermore, look for modern aesthetic space heaters as these will add style and elegance to any decor in the home. And never place a heater near any flammable materials as this could prove dangerous!

4. Electric Heaters

Electric heaters provide quick, safe and effective heating solutions to any room in your home.

Perfect for adding quick bursts of warmth in areas ductless systems can’t reach or providing short bursts where traditional heaters won’t reach, prices typically start around $100 and go up depending on functionality and power needed; features like thermostats, timers and auto shut off are useful in making sure your heater only comes on when necessary.

Electric heaters are 100% efficient, offering homeowners warmth for each kWh they pay to use. Look out for two large wires coming out of your breaker box in red and white color: The red wire serves as a 24 V feed that goes to a thermostat that controls the heating element, while the white one transports current from an electric motor that produces heating output.