Investing is a smart choice for anyone looking to grow their wealth. Along with the potential for a bigger return on investment, investing can diversify one’s portfolio and help protect against inflation. 

Since the pandemic, industries have witnessed a dynamic shift in operations and departments. The investment industry was no exception. However, as the economy recovers after the financial crisis, uncertainty is and will always be a part of the investment. As we move into the future, it’s essential to consider which industries can yield the best returns over the next few years. From 2023 to 2025, a few sectors could offer investors an excellent opportunity for growth. Additionally, the evolution in the investment sector requires investors to keep a tap on the changes and track valuable insights. This can be done with a stock tracker. A portfolio tracker is a platform that enables you to stay aware of market news, and fluctuations, or track industries that help you make wise choices. 

Industries to consider in 2023-2025


The defence industry gained the limelight due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. This sector has been creating buzz due to the increased order inflow in the past few months. Countries want to be more self-reliant in this segment. It is estimated to grow X 33 times in the next ten years. These figures alone show the potential of the defence sector. Orders are increasing when it comes to defence weapons, vehicles, and power plants.

Renewable energy

With the concept of sustainability becoming significant, investments in renewable energy are booming. Environmental issues have put the renewable energy sector at the forefront. Companies are thinking of ways to go green and completely adopt renewable energy. The transition to shifting to renewable energy has opened up so many opportunities for investors wanting to make money.


For most of last year, the market was driven by worries over inflation and interest hikes. Healthcare stocks are viewed more on the stable side. Last year healthcare sector performed better than the other sectors. It is an evolving and emerging sector with better and more technologically advanced treatments. The scope for improvement in the healthcare sector only widens making it an ideal investment sector.

Fast-moving consumer goods

Fast Moving Consumer Goods or FMCG have a short shelf life because of their perishability and high consumer demand. Yet, with urbanization and industrialization, the need for FMGCs in rural areas has drastically increased. A large section of rural areas remains untapped and will act as a source of revenue for the FMGC in the coming years.

Digital transformation and inclusion

The IT sector has been enjoying consistent stability. With discoveries in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Data Science, IT is the future! It creates opportunities for investors looking for heavy returns
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