Volatility has been present in its greatest exponent throughout 2022, which has undoubtedly generated uncertainty, fear, despair, opportunities, expectations, and endless feelings and emotions that have invaded investors when operating in the digital financial market. When looking for a reliable trading platform, go to this URL.

The trend that has led the market has been bearish, which has undoubtedly significantly affected not only all users of cryptocurrencies and corporate investors but also the well-known fintech and Defi, even leading several of them to bankruptcy.

Digital Financial Market Outlook

One of the relevant aspects in any market is the creation of scenarios that drive users to consumerism, which is why we observe how there is an inclination towards financial investments of a stock or cryptographic type

 in specific periods.

When various proposals are created, investors, consumers, or users can lean toward a particular element that helps them obtain considerable benefits in a certain period.

Such is the case of the digital financial market, where we find ourselves in a situation where the market evaluates and considers the most profitable prospects or whose characteristics could make a specific token stand out, thus promoting investments and confidence in it.

It is how the market is evaluated, where all the parties that make it up see the imperative need to offer various possibilities where technological innovation is the primary element and the performance and value proposition offered by a particular digital currency.

There will always be a technology that will surpass the existing ones, it is the traditional way the digital financial market evolves, and it is there where the supply and demand of a cryptocurrency are focused, considering its efficiency, performance, and costs per transaction.

There are currently more than 20,000 crypto projects, which undoubtedly makes the evaluation situation of the main projects that could lead the market in 2023 much heavier and more complex compared to the fact that in 2020 there were only around 6,000 projects.

We are closing a year in which not only a global trend change could be predicted for the cryptocurrency market, but we would also be facing the consolidation of many projects that have not had the opportunity to shine.

The coming years (2023 and 2024) could be considered the outbreak of what cryptographic projects represent and the technological evolution where perhaps more than one will want to invest in a digital asset just to be included in the market.

The 5 Crypto Projects that will lead in 2023

In 2022, a somewhat defined bearish cycle has been evidenced where it may have been difficult for cryptocurrencies to recover since when they begin to stabilize, a financial or economic measure of the traditional market arrives that violates the volatility of the digital financial market.

Many cryptographic projects could disappear due to the high volatility the market is experiencing; we would be talking about 70% of these projects whose value is relatively low and would not withstand a more demarcated crisis.

Some of the projects that could surprise users of digital currencies and investors considered whales are the following:

  1. Litecoin ( LTC ): Its ability to execute payments instantly and at reasonably low costs makes it one of the most valuable coins celebrating its 10th anniversary in the cryptographic market.
  2. Ocean Protocol ( OCEAN ): characterized by leading Web 3.0 development projects, which is predicted to be one of the ecosystems with the most significant contribution to the digital financial market.
  3. ATOM: This project proposes to become the Internet of Blockchain technology, expanding the capabilities that this platform offers based on speed, security, decentralization, and low costs.
  4. IOTA: It proposes to be one of the leaders in terms of scalability and speed of interconnection in P2P networks.
  5. Monero ( XMR ): to date, it has proven to be a safe and reliable ecosystem where operations tracking is quite complex, representing a high attraction for users of cryptocurrencies.


When the trends are bullish in the financial markets, whether digital or traditional, operational efficiencies always stand out, awarding companies the possibility of offering goods and services at excellent prices and with future projections that make them more attractive to the market as a result.

This type of situation allows financial, economic, and commercial projections to be much healthier, establishing strategies and measures in the short, medium, or long term, always hand in hand with optimal market management.