The well-known actor, Johnny, has been in the news recently. But, this time he is in the news for donating all the proceeds from the NFT sales. He donates all these proceeds to a charity. This NFT was in association with Amber Heard, who is his ex-wife. So, after the same, he donated a huge amount to a charity.

Fans of Depp across the globe are praising this act of kindness. And, it is raising a huge amount of interest among the enthusiasts and fans of Depp. A particular post on social media was issued that Johnny’s NFT, Never Fear Truth, is successful in generating an amount of around 800,000 USD.  You can register here to start trading.

The Divisions Of Charity Amount

The news of this donation is spread with the tweet by Never Fear Truth. The team made a post on this donation and the amount is around 800,000 USD.

The entire amount of this donation is spread through a division into different organizations. In particular, four organizations will be entitled to the benefit of this donation. These organizations work mainly for children.

Among these four organizations, the one with the aspect of Children’s hospital present in Los Angeles has an association with Ms. Heard.

Donations On Part Of Amber

As one among the four organizations has associations with Ms. Amber, she has some statements as well. The star of Aquaman, Amber, said in her previous meetings about donating an amount to two organizations.

According to her earlier statement, she would donate 7 Million USD. This is an amount from her divorce settlement that she will forward to two charities. One part of the amount to the hospital for children and the other part to the ACLU.

But, in the latest defamation trial, the fact got revealed that she has not acted according to her statements. No amount of charity from the settlement amount has made it to donation. 

Reactions Of Johnny’s Fans

Johnny’s fan base is huge. And, with the news of this donation, they are expressing their happiness through tweets and other posts.

After the spread of this news, they are praising this actor. They are stating that he has a “never-ending kindness” and further praises him. A user posted his opinion as Johnny always fulfills all his commitments. And further adds that Depp has admirable honesty and he loves him.

Another fan says that this is philanthropy. And, one can have a clear view of the distinction between a straightforward donation and an unfulfilled commitment. The PS Pledge must have a certain period of fulfillment. The fan adds that the organizations which are receiving these donations are indeed very grateful.

Again another of his fans believes that Johnny has a golden heart. What Johnny is doing is that of an honest person’s action. This is so because he is not thinking about himself but others as well. And others are saying that it’s amazing because he is donating. And, that, he is not limiting it to a pledge only.

They are holding him in high esteem due to his straight donation and fulfillment of commitment. While, they are criticizing Amber Heard, as she failed in fulfilling her commitment to donation. Instead of donations, she went on to purchase a house with the amount. She is unable to fulfill her pledge and this is the main reason she is facing criticism from all around the world.


The news of Johnny Depp, who is a well-known actor, donating the entire amount of NFT Sale to charity is creating a huge ripple around the globe. The fans admire his kindness and praise his honesty.

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