When it comes to types of fences, wrought iron has many distinct attributes. It is extremely durable, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing.

If you are considering a fencing project, you may be wondering “How much does a wrought iron fence cost?” That depends on much more than the price of the materials and can be difficult to anticipate.

Several variables affect how much a wrought iron fence will run you. This article breaks them down. Keep reading to learn the factors that will impact your final price tag.

Site Preparation Costs

The first thing to look at that will impact wrought iron fence cost is site preparation. This includes things like the removal and disposal of an existing fence, tree or tree stump removal, and ground leveling.

Most fence installation companies provide these services. Bundling them with your fence installation will be cheaper than paying for it independently.

For a new fence, you may need a geographic survey and a building permit. These two items should be taken care of before moving forward with the project.

Material Costs

We should differentiate between “ornamental iron,” which is meant to resemble wrought iron but is steel (iron with carbon). These can be durable and more economical but are not as robust as wrought iron, which has a low carbon content. They also do not have the aesthetic appeal of wrought iron fences, which are often made by hand using iron forging tools and techniques.

There can be some variation in the cost of wrought iron fencing materials and end products. The main factors that can impact this are the fence’s dimensions and design. Height, thickness, and ornamentation can all play a role in the close of the fence itself. 

Installation Costs

Wrought iron is a very heavy material. This is great for durability, but it makes it difficult to work with.

For this reason, costs may be a bit higher than what you might pay for installing a fence. The price will vary with the scope of the project. Other factors, like the number of gates you plan to install, could impact the cost as well.

The most important thing is to discuss any variables with your installer. A reputable one will be upfront with you, which will ensure you know what price you are looking at from the get-go.

Keep in mind that, like with the materials, correctly installing a wrought iron fence is imperative for ensuring that it lasts and functions well for many years. Talk to a qualified fence professional to find out more.

Learn More About How to Estimate Wrought Iron Fence Cost

Now that you understand what factors go into calculating a wrought iron fence cost, you can better plan for your project. Quality wrought iron fences are not cheap, but they are very durable and will look fantastic for a lifetime.

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