Cryptocurrency traders are always looking for the best crypto exchange service to make profits with minimal losses. It is important to do research to find out the exchanges with the best rates. 

This article highlights the Alien Worlds (TLM) and Worldwide Assets eXchange (WAX) coins and 3 of the top exchange platforms to swap TLM to WAX successfully. 

What Is Going on with TLM?

TLM is the native coin of the Alien Worlds game, a blockchain-based play-to-earn game where players compete to earn Trillium, a scarce resource in the simulated environment. TLM coin is a governance token that can be staked on one or more of the six planets in the virtual world. To mine the token, players have to acquire NFTs in the game to complete tasks. TLM is interoperable and can be traded on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and WAX blockchains. 

There is a max supply of 10 billion TLMs, and at the time of its launch (April 2021), the token was valued at $1.68, reaching an all-time high of $7.19 in just a few days. However, the price dipped to $0.08169 on July 9, 2021, and is currently worth $0.088.

The coin’s future does not appear particularly bright, according to experts’ opinions. WalletInvestor predicts the coin to drop to $0.00888 in a year, while it might dip lower to $0.005 at the end of 2025. PricePrediction optimistically projects a price of $0.16 at the end of 2022, while it expects TLM to go up to $1.09 in 2027.

TLM appears to be a risky investment in the short term, but the growth and profitability of NFTs could potentially boost its price. 

Is WAX Coin a Good Investment? 

WAXP is the digital currency on the WAX blockchain, a blockchain designed to be a digital marketplace for transactions in collectible items in video games and NFTs. It is a decentralized platform where players can buy and sell virtual assets. Holding WAXP has some advantages:

  • WAXP’s growth potential is bright due to the focus on NFTs, which is already a $40+ billion industry and could double by 2025.
  • WAXP is interoperable and can function on the Ethereum blockchain. 
  • WAXP is relatively cheap to acquire, a wise investment for an investor with a long-term goal.
  • Holders of WAXP can utilize it to trade in-game tokens of games on the WAX blockchain. 
  • WAX is eco-friendly, and according to its website, its Delegated PoS mechanism is 125,000 times more efficient than other blockchains.

WAXP has gone through price changes since opening at $1 at the end of 2017 to an all-time high of $5 in just a few days. It declined then and is currently priced at $0.2547. Some experts have predicted that the coin could experience an upward swing in price. WalletInvestor is optimistic that the price could get to $0.59 in a year and $1.80 in five years. DigitcalCoinPrice, in its 2023 WAXP prediction, states that the coin will reach $0.49 and rise to $0.55 in 2025 and $1.31 in 2030.

Thus, WAXP is potentially a good investment based on its focus on the profitable NFT market for which it was designed. However, you must know that the prices of cryptos are volatile. They could go very low or very high depending on several factors.

Where Can I Swap My TLM to WAX?

After acquiring some TLMs in the Allied World game, you may want to swap them to WAX. Look for an anonymous crypto exchange with top security, great exchange rates, and an easy-to-use interface. Below is our list of the top 10 crypto exchanges where you can swap TLM to WAX.

  • Godex
  • Alcor
  • Letsexchange

How to Choose the Right Crypto Exchange?

Swapping TLM to WAX is a worthwhile investment as it means that you get to convert in-game tokens mined in a free game to WAX to acquire more NFTs for Alien World and other games. Before choosing a crypto exchange, you have to look for the one with a calculator that offers different crypto pair options, ensures anonymous transactions, and has positive feedback from previous clients/traders.