Thinking about getting a consumer loan? You have your reasons for it. From buying a car, to funding a vacation, or organizing an event, there are loads of situations in which getting a loan is a good idea. We won’t be getting into your reasons, though. Instead, we’ll deal with the financial aspect of doing this.

Put simply, when getting a consumer loan, you will want to get the cheapest one possible, as everybody else. Since you’re obviously planning on getting an unsecured one, either because you don’t have any assets to offer as collateral or because you don’t want to risk those, you will begin wondering whether there are cheap unsecured solutions out there at all. That’s because you know that these are usually more expensive than the secured option. Taking one quick look at billigeforbrukslå, though, will make it clear that there are cheap unsecured options as well out there.

Can You Get a Cheap Consumer Loan Without Collateral?

You may need some more assurance here, however. Yes, it’s true that unsecured loans are usually more expensive than secured ones. After all, the lenders have to find a way to protect themselves, and since they’re not doing that through collateral, they’re doing it through offering higher interest rates, ultimately resulting in the borrowers paying more for the debt they’ll incur.

Nevertheless, getting a cheap unsecured option is still possible. What you have to understand, though, is that this depends on you as much as it does on the lender. Meaning, there are steps you have to take so as to score a billiglånutensikkerhet, and you can’t expect the lender you choose to provide you with such cheap solutions if you haven’t taken those steps and done your best to qualify for it and find it.

The bottom line? Yes, getting a cheap consumer loan without collateral is possible. But, you’ll have to do some work before applying so as to succeed in doing it. Reading on will help you figure out precisely what you have to do. And, if you’re not sure about the difference between secured and unsecured loans yet, you can go here to read about it.


We’ve made it clear that getting a cheap option depends both on you and on the lender. Lenders will perform a credit check when you apply, and then they’ll design an offer made specifically for you, based on the check they’ve performed. That’s what’s up to them. Now for your part.

Work on Your Credit Score First

Given that the lenders will perform a credit check for you, since nobody will approve you for any kind of a loan without doing that first, perhaps the most important thing to do before applying is work on improving that credit score. If there’s no room for improvement and if it is already excellent, then you’re ready to go. Meaning, you’re ready to apply, as that great score will qualify you for a cheap solution.

On the other hand, if you know that your credit score isn’t that great, and if there absolutely is room for improvement, then you should work towards improving it as much as you can. Starting with checking the report and identifying mistakes if there are any. Of course, most reports won’t have any mistakes, but this is still worth checking, since even a tiny error can drive your score down, and identifying those and getting rid of them will, thus, boost the score and help you qualify for a cheap solution.

That, however, is not the only step to take when aiming at improving your score. Identifying any unnecessary subscriptions and getting rid of them is also a must. So is repaying any debts you may have, as long as you can afford that. Sometimes, people have a bunch of small debts that can have a negative impact on the score, but that can be easily repaid. Determining if you’re in that group and then repaying all of those small debts will do the trick and help you improve your credit score, ultimately qualifying you for a cheaper unsecured consumer loan.

Aim at Finding the Right Lender

The next thing that’s up to you is finding the right lender. Assuming that all of them are the same and that you’ll get the same offer wherever you look is wrong. These experts reserve the right to create their offers as they please, and while those will be similar, even a small difference can make a huge, well, difference, when it comes to the ultimate cost of the loan. Thus, instead of assuming, you should aim at checking. And, of course, at finding the perfect lender.

How can you do that? Start by searching for those lenders using the Internet, but remember to ask other people for recommendations as well. This way, you’ll create a list of potential professionals to work with, which will make it easier for you to do the necessary research on them. Of course, checking out a few relevant sites that will help you not only identify some lenders, but also compare them in details, will definitely be of help in this process. While doing the initial research, you should aim at finding legitimate and reputable lenders, after which you should proceed towards comparing the actual offers.

Compare Multiple Offers

What should you keep in mind when comparing those offers, though? Interest rates first, of course, because it is your goal to find cheap unsecured consumer loan solutions, and the interest rates are the main factor there, playing an enormous role in the overall cost of your loan. And, since different lenders will offer different rates, comparing those is a must.

There are, however, other borrowing terms to consider as well, such as the processing fees and basically any other fees you may need to pay during the process. Considering all of those terms will lead to thoroughly comparing the offers, ultimately resulting in you selecting the best one. Applying will be easy from that point on.