Even though it may have started out as an outlier investment area called the Wild West, cryptocurrency is now firmly part of the financial mainstream. Even though it has been volatile lately and there have been crackdowns by governments in China and other places, institutional investors and big banks still see it as a valuable asset. If you are interested in Bitcoin trading, you may also want to know How Bitcoin Technology Affects The Agricultural Sectors.

Think about the following if you need more proof that things are unstable: The price of one bitcoin has changed a lot in the last year. It started at $17,708.62 and went all the way up to a record high of $68,789.63 on July 1.

Even though the prices of cryptocurrencies change all the time, many investors are always looking for the next chance to make a lot of money. Read on to find out which cryptocurrencies could be very popular in the near future.

 “Bitcoin season” is when Bitcoin starts to come back, takes over the price charts, and does better for a long time than other cryptocurrencies.

Also, there are times when other cryptocurrencies, like altcoins, do better than Bitcoin for a long time.

“Altcoin season” will start when seventy-five percent of the top fifty cryptocurrencies do better than Bitcoin. When the opposite of what is going on now happens, it will be clear that we are in the Bitcoin era.

How long is a typical “Alt Season”?

The alternative season indicator said that the market had gone through 50% of its cycle by the end of April. To start the alt season, all that was needed was a trigger. On the other hand, the failure of the Terra ecosystem led to a wider market failure that dropped the value of all cryptocurrencies below $1 trillion. Because of this, the cryptocurrency season was pushed back even further than it already was.

After that, Bitcoin’s share of the market kept going up, and almost right away, it hit a 10-month high of 48 percent. In fact, a lot of people already think that bitcoin will go through cycles. When this article was written, the market had already passed its seasonal high point because it had been going up for three months in a row. This has given investors new hope, and they’re looking forward to the next season for cryptocurrencies.

Depending on how things changed in the past, the same process can take anywhere from two to five months.

It’s possible that the alt season won’t start until the end of this year. This is because the relationship between Bitcoin and the S&P 500 and the DOW has reached 0.63 and 0.59, respectively. This is because the price of Bitcoin has changed a lot recently.

Since all of the indicators are now showing “sell,” this is not yet a good sign that you should buy. For example, the Bitcoin Rainbow Chart says that the best time to buy Bitcoin is when its price is close to $27,000. People would be more likely to collect more things if the same kept going up.

How to figure out which cryptocurrency will be the next big one

In an email to GOBankingRates, Dorman said, “I think we are at the beginning of a long-term shift toward digital assets that will take decades.” “The way the world is moving from analogue to digital has been changed by COVID-19 in a way that can’t be changed back. I think this change is just getting started.”

Using cryptocurrency to make money and get benefits

If you want to know which cryptocurrency will be the next big thing, keep an eye on its market capitalization and price. A stock investor would need to keep an eye on the same two things.

A network’s market capitalization shows how much money has been put into it. A larger market capitalization tends to keep the value of an asset more stable, but it also limits the coin’s ability to grow. It’s important to keep an eye on the price of the cryptocurrency to find out if investors like or dislike the asset.