The Holy Scriptures teach valuable lessons on the attitude you should adopt toward money. Through Bible verses about money management, the Lord draws your attention to how worshipping money can often lead to you making poor financial decisions.

By investing wisely, you are responsibly caring for the gifts showered on you by your Heavenly Father and, in doing so, honoring Him. Avoid choosing material possessions over godliness as it does not earn you rewards in God’s kingdom.

Biblical Principles on Wealth

Bible verses about money management reveal God’s instructions to you, His disciple, for conducting your financial affairs. By obeying the listed six biblical principles on wealth, you demonstrate your deep Christian faith.

1. God Rightfully Owns Everything

Even the money you think is yours belongs to your Heavenly Father; hence, you must nurture it on His behalf. You are therefore called by Him to responsibly multiply this valuable gift of wealth without getting too attached to your earnings.

2. Earn Through Honest Means

Integrity is an essential characteristic of a true disciple of Christ. Even when not involved in unethical practices like drug dealers or human traffickers, the absence of productivity during your working hours is also a dishonest act.

Wasting away your productive hours, reaching work late, and leaving early subtly points to gaining income dishonestly. You are a true witness of Christ when you earn money through genuine means. Preferably gather little by little gradually instead of a hasty gain that tends to dwindle fast too.

3. Live Debt-Free

You have more time for God when you do not stress repaying outstanding debts. Should your monthly outgoings exceed your corresponding income, it attracts bigger problems and curtails your freedom of choice. As a borrower, you become a slave to your lender, which is a form of bondage.

The high cost of lingering debts prevents you from diverting your earnings for a more pleasurable purpose. Having a solid financial strategy in place helps you eliminate the debilitating consequences of debt. A debt-free lifestyle guarantees genuine financial freedom and peace as you owe nobody.

4. Give Generously

Instead of giving undue importance to your wealth by storing earthly treasures, share your abundance with those in need. Your generous giving reflects the genuine love you have for your Creator. Going above and beyond what God asks you to contribute by way of tithe to sustain your place of worship is true Christian charity.

5. Invest Wisely

Diverting your financial resources responsibly helps you cater for an unexpected tomorrow. You must think long-term, provide for your loved ones, and secure their future by building your financial portfolio with biblically aligned investments.

As a faithful disciple, you can leave a lasting impact on God’s kingdom and multiply His gifts by investing in companies that share your Christian values.

6. Worship with Your Money

Place your trust and hope in the Almighty instead of fleeting wealth. When money takes over your life, it blinds you and causes you to stray from the righteous path. Even an abundance of finances does not make you self-sufficient; you need the Lord’s intervention at every step.

Depend on a team of Christian financial advisors who suggest to you biblically responsible investment strategies.