Pants and shirts are perhaps the 2 basic things that make up the entire closet for a man. Pants or Trousers, as they are officially called, are made to be worn as bottoms and to be paired with shirts and T-shirts. Pants or trousers can be made from many different materials, and there are different styles of pants that are made in different regions of the world.

Each part of the world enjoys a specific type of trousers that best define their requirements. Thanks to the internet, now everyone can enjoy a variety of casual trousers for men from around the world and recreate their style and fashion.

Men’s trousers can be worn with casual shirts, or t-shirts and accessorized with coats and scarfs for the weather. Wearing the right trousers for the appropriate season, trend and occasion is an art everyone must learn.

Different kinds of Trousers for Men

There are many different kinds of trousers for men based on the ankle length, the material they are made of, the kind of flared fit that the pants have, the region and era it is from etc. Each kind of trousers can be separated into formal pants for men or casual trousers for men. Below is a list of the best trousers for men based on the different categories that are spread across:

Based on the Material

The first segregation of trousers is based on the material from which a trouser is made. Below are some options based on the fabric type and the seasons that they are appropriate for:

Cotton Trousers

Cotton Trousers are made from cotton and are one of the best kinds of trousers to own for any occasion. Cotton trousers men are great for the summers as they are lightweight fabrics that can keep a person cool. Its airy fabric can absorb excess sweat and makes for an excellent option in the heat. They can be easily paired with formal and casual shirts as needed.

Linen Trousers

Linen Trouser pants for men are lightweight and airy, just like cotton but have a softer feel and lighter texture. They are usually found in pastel shades of cream, beige and white. Although colorful linen pants are now becoming increasingly popular as well. Linen trousers can be used for formal and casual settings. They can be worn with simple linen or cotton shirts.

Denim Trousers

Denim trousers are made from denim material and are popularly called jeans. They are an excellent option for wearing casually. Denim trousers offer good stretchability when compared to cotton and linen.

They also are good options for monsoon and winter as the fabric is able to retain some heat and repel water. Denim trousers can be paired with t-shirts, casual shirts and even formal shirts with a belt and formal shoes. Denim trousers come in regular fit and men’s formal trousers slim fit also.

Corduroy Trousers

Corduroy is a thick material that is used to make suits. They are excellent for the weather in the west part of the world as they can retain good insulation and protect from snowy weather. They look very formal but can be used casually as well with the right casual shirt. They have a rich fabric appeal and come in dark shades. They are more retro than modern.