Do you wish you had longer, fuller eyelashes? Millions of women feel the same way. Unfortunately, years of using common false eyelash styles can leave you with dry, damaged lashes.

Revitalash and Latisse are two of the most popular lash enhancers out there. They have similar results and can renew your lash quality.

Today, you’ll discover the differences between the two to find the perfect eyelash care. Keep reading to learn more about Revitalash vs Latisse.

Side Effects

The two products differ in the level of intensity. Revitalash causes mild side effects such as redness, stinging, or itching around the eyes. Mild side effects may also include dry eyes, headaches, or subtle changes in eye color.

Latisse has more severe side effects, such as increased pigmentation of the iris, eye irritation and dryness, and increased eye redness. In rare cases, it can darken the eyelids or other dark spots on the face.

Users with existing eye conditions, skin allergies or those who wear contact lenses should consult top dermatologists before using either product. Other than side effects, those with sensitive skin should always patch test before applying either product.

FDA Approval

About FDA approval, Latisse is the clear winner compared to Revitalash. The Food and Drug Administration has approved Latisse as a safe prescription treatment to promote eyelash growth.

Revitalash is not FDA-approved, and the safety and effectiveness of the product are unknown. Due to its FDA approval, Latisse provides much more assurance to its users of its safety and efficacy.


Latisse and Revitalash are available without a prescription; you can buy them online from the manufacturer’s website or retailers. Revitalash is also sold in some retail stores and pharmacies.

Yet, Latisse is only available through a physician’s prescription. It may be more challenging to get hold of if your doctor does not prescribe it or it is unavailable in your region. Both eyelash products can be expensive, so the cost may be a deciding factor when choosing between the two.


RevitaLash uses a brush applicator that applies the product along the lash line. The brush is easy to use but requires several strokes to get the product to the base of the lashes.

Latisse uses a small brush that applies the product along the lash line. The brush applicator is more efficient than the RevitaLash applicator. It requires fewer strokes to get the product to the base of the lashes.


When it comes to results, Revitalash vs. Latisse is an age-old question. Revitalash is clinically proven to give you thicker, fuller, and firmer eyelashes. It can bring them back to life after 6-10 weeks of use.

However, Latisse is also a trendy and practical lash option. It can bring fuller, longer, darker lashes in eight weeks. Latisse may be the better choice for the best and faster results.

Revitalash vs Latisse Amazing Benefits

When deciding the best product for your eyelashes, it is up to personal preference. Revitalash and Latisse are proven eyelash treatments that can help you achieve longer, full-looking lashes.

Contact your local dermatologist if you need help determining which product is correct. Try Revitalash vs Latisse today and reap the fantastic benefits of voluminous eyelashes!

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