Accommodation is one of the most important factors when choosing a university. Unfortunately, many students find it very challenging to find housing that meets their needs at university. Overcrowding is a growing problem, and it is becoming more difficult for students to find an affordable place to stay.

Many students live off campus because it provides more privacy and flexibility. It is one of the reasons that students welcomed the construction of various student accommodation facilities like the Varsity Towers.

Several options are available for student accommodation, from staying with family or friends to renting a room in a private residence or even an apartment block. This article will dive into details of considering a few factors before opting for the perfect accommodation.

Factors To Consider To Get The Perfect Student Accommodation

When choosing accommodation for students, it is essential to consider various factors. Each student is unique and deserves to have their needs considered when finding housing. Some considerations include the type of housing, the location, amenities, safety and the budget. Let’s dive into the details of each.

Type of Accommodation

It could be either a studio room or an apartment. If you’re looking for an economical option, a studio may be the right choice. Studio rooms typically cost less than apartments and are usually more spacious. Some studios also come with full kitchens and bathrooms.

Apartment rentals can be more expensive, but they often have more amenities like pools, fitness centres etc. Before hunting, you should be clear about your needs and requirements.


Location can be important too. A student’s needs could include being close to campus or having easy access to transportation. For example, consider a place close to bus stops or train stations, so it’s easy to travel. Cutting on travel time can help you focus more on your studies. It would be best if you looked for a place not too far from campus, preferably a quiet neighbourhood, maybe a good option.

Amenities available

It is essential to find out what amenities are available in the area where the accommodation will be located, like laundry facilities, general cleaning and maintenance, a variety of stores for essential grocery items, and car parking.

All these facilities are vital for a peaceful and comfortable stay. These can include internet access, the students’ housekeeping needs, and the availability of linen and electronic equipment. It is also crucial to ensure that the residence is well-maintained, so students have a comfortable place to stay.

Safety and Security

Nobody wants to stay in an environment that is unsafe and scary. So you must be safe and secure when you are away from home. It is crucial to consider several factors before making any decisions to ensure a safe experience. Look for the availability of security guards 24/7 and CCTV cameras in all elevators, parking, and corridors before opting for accommodation. For example, Varsity towers provide a live-in manager for emergencies 24 hours a day, and licensed security personnel are always on duty. You can consider student housings that provide good security features.


A budget should be considered when selecting accommodation. Finding something that fits within the student’s budget while still providing good quality is essential. Quality matters as comfortable, cozy, well-ventilated, and hygienic places are all you need after a long day at the university.

It is essential to consider all of your needs when considering accommodation. In addition, each city has several reputable accommodation providers, so it is vital to choose wisely.

Wrapping Up

You must check accommodation options and consider what is best for you. By choosing the right accommodation option, you can ensure a comfortable and productive study experience.