Min Geum Jae, brother of Min Youngi. Min Youngi is one of the members of BTS. No, it’s not Behind the scenes. Yes you might have already known that BTS stands for Bangtanboys. It’s a Korean pop boy band with seven members. Min Youngi famously known as SUGA is one of them. It would be hard to find someone who hasn’t heard about this boy band yet. The entire world is going Gaga over these super talented and charming boys. Though they have gained immense popularity in the recent few years, the initial days were not that happy. It looks all glamorous and expensive in MVs and concerts but in the beginning they had only few people who truly supported them to reach where they are today. Min geum jae, Suga’s brother is one of them who supported him to pursue his dreams when he was in a fight between family and dreams. Go through the article to know more about Min geum jae and BTS.

Bio, Age, Height

Min Geum Jae is the elder brother of Min Youngi. He is four years older than Youngi. According to the sources Min geum jae was born in 1989. Which makes him 31 years old as of 2022. He is also called Min junki. The Min family resides in South Korea. Min Geum Jae was born in Buk District, Daegu, South Korea. They haven’t shared any details about their parents or family. As far as the Internet is concerned, Min Geum’s father is a businessman and mother is a housewife. Min Geum and Min Youngi have been really close since childhood. Their nationality is South korean. Min Geum Jae is a good-looking healthy man. He looks quite like his handsome brother Youngi.  similar to most Koreans Min Geum is also of fair complexion and has Black shiny hairs. He is stylish and has a good fashion sense. The famous hyang ( brother) is 5 ft 11 inches.  The Min family hasn’t updated any more information about them on any social media platforms.

Early Life

Min brother’s childhood was not that smooth. Their parents had to work really hard to run the family. Min Youngi was  always very passionate about music. He started producing music from an early age of 13. However his family never supported him. They wanted their son’s to study hard and prepare for civil works. But his big brother Min Geum Jae was always on his side. He was always there for his brother. Min Geum Jae had completed his primary study in Daegu, South Korea. There is no given information about his early Life. We are not really sure about his qualifications. Once SUGA left for Seoul for his training in BTS. Min Geum Jae left with his parents in  Daegu  to take care of his family.


Min Geum Jae runs a cafe in Seoul, South Korea. Other than this information the celebrity brother hasn’t revealed anything yet. It has also been heard that the cafe is closed already. The BTS fan following is huge and super obsessed about their seven heros. Thus anyone related to these boys is not left alone by their fans. So in such a situation it’s quite tough to live a simple life as you will always be the centre of attention. However BTSs and Suga are successful and their family is living a lavish life. Min Geum had a social media account some time ago where he shared a few pictures of him and suga. Unfortunately he had to delete it after some time due to threats received from BTS haters for simply no reason. Being related to such a famous personality is all cool and dreamy Until its dark side starts showing. Nevertheless Min’s family will tackle it too like other struggles of their life.

Celebrity brother Min Youngi

Let us guess that you are here because of BTS. Right? Or you might be an army. Whatever the reason, you must have known Min Yoongi aka SUGA, August D and Lil meow meow. He is a Korean rapper, producer,songwriter,dancer,singer and what not. SUGA was born on 9th March 1993. Hisebirth birthplace was Buk District, Daegu, South Korea. As of 2022 he is 29 years old. Among the three rappers in BTS Suga is One of them. He is among the earliest members of Big hit company. SUGA made his debut in 2013 in BTS. While maintaining the band he also released a solo mixtape Agust D. The first song from the album was released in 2016. The second release was so big that it earned third place on Billboard’s World albums chart. His produced music keeps on breaking records on international level.

Though it seems like a dream come true now. But the eyes which saw this dream had to spend many sleepless nights. There was no one except his brother Min Geum Jae who supported him in this journey. Even his then girlfriend also left his side. He persuded his primary studies at Taejeon Elementary School, Gwaneum Middle School, and Apgujeong High School. After receiving a degree in broadcasting and entertainment from Global Cyber University, he enrolled at Hanyang Cyber University for the Master of Business Administration program in Advertising and Media.

The journey from Min Youngi to Suga was not easy. Korean pop band’s training is extremely tough. You have to maintain a certain weight,overeating is not allowed. You have to spend a long time away from family and friends. All you have is the support of your team mates. Fortunately, he got six super supportive friends for life as teammates. BTS is famous for their bond. At the end of the day all this suffering took a beautiful turn and filled his life with appreciation and success.

Net Worth

Min Geum Jae’s profession is yet unknown thus estimating his net worth is also not possible. But his brother Suga’s net worth is $25 million. BTS members are among the richest individuals in South Korea. They are taking South Korea’s economy to some different heights.