Are you a diehard soccer fan? If you are, you’ll probably do anything to watch a game. There’s nothing like the fever pitch of excitement that accompanies watching your team score a goal.

If you’re attuned to the ins and outs of the game, you also have an opportunity to make some money. With a few well-placed bets, you have the chance to make a decent amount of money.

If you’re a little worried about anteing up, don’t worry. There are soccer betting strategies you can use to help increase your odds. Here are a few of those winning strategies.

Corner Soccer Betting Strategies

Betting on corners is one of the hottest trends in soccer gambling right now. It may seem like an odd option, but with a little research, you can take home a profit. If you keep track of the average number of corners a team wins per game, you can use this information to place your next bet.

If you need help figuring this out, check out the team’s attacking statistics, defensive tactics, line clearing, pitch size, and the weather. A bet backed by data has a higher chance of yielding a profit.

Betting on the Double Chance

The double chance is one of the safest soccer bets if you are averse to risk. A double chance increases your probability of winning a bet.

If you’re betting on a double chance, the odds will be much lower, so you’ll have to put up a lot more money to make a good profit.

Bet on the Favorites

One of the traditional betting strategies is to back the favorite to win the game. It’s a simple strategy that can improve your odds of winning dramatically. Favorites are more inclined to win, but it’s not always a sure thing.

Since the favorites are projected to win, this strategy has low odds.

Make Small Bets

Bets with high odds can net you sizeable soccer winnings, but they are much harder to win. Higher odds also mean that you usually have to pay more to join the pool. Instead of staking a lot of money on a single bet, find several bets you like and spread your money around.

It boosts your chances of winning and can cover you if you lose one or two bets but win the others. If you want to further increase your odds, you can get EPL picks here.

Bet Smart and Win Big

When you bet your money, betting smart is the best way to make a profit. Use soccer betting strategies that give you the best chance of winning, making a profit, and are cost-effective.

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