Serie A is the top-level tournament not only of PRO soccer in Italy but all around the world as well. There are 20 strongest clubs take a part in this competition trying to become a winner and back home with the main trophy. This year Serie A will be stopped for the 2022 World Cup (13 November until January) and after that, the competition will continue and the last match will be played on 4 June. Because of a such huge number of matches that will be played during the tournament and the high Serie A odds on Parimatch the whole betting process can be really exciting and profitable for the bettor. But only with quality preparation and forecasting. The total number of matches that will be played during the Serie A season is 380.

Betting line for the Serie A matches in Parimatch – the best markets to bet on

Because of such high popularity of Serie A, there are some great terms for betting can be founded via the Parimatch website. And to learn more about all the markets and odds you could even now because the betting line is available so you can start your journey right now. Here are some of the most interesting markets that you can bet on in prematch:

  • outcomes of the game;
  • totals;
  • result of the first half;
  • handicap!

Also, there is a bet on the next champion available but this market is really difficult for prediction still, here you can find the highest odds. And remember that to determine the team which will score first, you will need to learn the goals scored statistics, painted by the minute. This information is available also in the “Results” section via the official website Parimatch. 

During the teams’ analysis, dont forget to check the most important parameters: the team rating at the end of the last season, the list of injured and disqualified players, the motivation in the current season, etc. 

Remember that even if only one of the main team’s players couldn’t take a part in the match the final result can be different. That’s why sometimes prematch bets haven’t the expected results. 

Simple tips for profitable soccer bets – how to bet on Serie A in Parimatch

So how to bet on Serie A matches to get the best results? The first step for you will be to finish the registration via the Parimatch website. After the first authorization and deposit, you will get simple access to the betting line and bonuses for making the bets on the chosen matches. But also dont forget about smart money management and that you shouldn’t try on betting more than you have as the bankroll.

Also, be ready to do a lot of work because profitable betting always starts from analysis and forecasting. Check all the favorites and underdogs but still decide the bet only based on your forecast. In the list of the main favorites, this year can be founded Roma, Inter, AC Milan, and Atalanta. The odds for the winning of these clubs are the highest in betting line Parimatch but still, the profitable bets can be made also on other teams.